Wednesday, September 25, 2013


- there is no accuracy penalty when shooting enemies, that were scouted (lit up) by someone else and not you
- Storm on 8.8 MM balancing issues: “It has confirmed that the waiting times are longer and that the matchmaker tends to compose the teams with different MM weights within the 10 pecent difference limit, depite being able to make the team MM weight difference smaller.”
- three new city maps are planned (“Will tell when the time is right” – SS: possibly Minsk, Kharkov and Moscow/Stalingrad)
- high tier battle dynamic and battle duration has not changed in last 6 months, devs are okay with this situation
- T110E3 and T110E4 historical data can be found in Hunnicutt: Firepower
- British premium tier 8 vehicle? “If we add it, we’ll tell you”
- it’s likely that the tier 9 Object 430 prototype turret traverse will be the same as Object 416 has now

- bot player bans are not being published (SS: that does not mean they are not getting banned. Without any details or names, I had two player writing me for being banned for botting)
- FV215b rebalance? “Wait for test patchnotes”
- Chinese Type 79 (Type 69 with L7 gun) won’t appear in the game, it’s too new
- historical battles will not come this year
- Russian “proposal” forum section has pre-moderation (SS: proposals have to be allowed by a moderator), because (SerB) “Most of the proposals were either proposed before, or they are… eeeee…. not very smart”
- there have been no major changes in battle dynamic since the arty nerf according to SerB
- WoWp light attack planes nation characteristics according to SerB:
Germans – “one pass haul ass”
British – universal
American – many bombs and rockets
- WG tanks and planes on one map playing with each other? “Theoretically, yes. Practically, I think it’s pointless. A tank cannot harm an airplane, unless it reaches the airport. Considering the speed of the airplanes, to place airfiends a few kilometers from one another makes no sense. Accordingly, the tanks would have to travel at least 10 kilometers under fire from air. That’s garbage” – the same goes for ships and airplanes on one map: “And would you like to be cannon fodder in your airplane? Because one capital ship generally carries dozens of airplanes – that’s also garbage.”
- it’s possible the developers will implement the track links hanging on the hull acting as temporary armor (falls off when hit) (SS: this is tied to the Havok physics I think)
- historical battles will work as random battles at first and if that works fine, historical company battles will be implemented
- Storm confirms that client physics (Havok) will use all the cores of multicore processors
- (if I understand it correctly) the scouting damage (you scout, allies damage) will be added to the achievement table
- lighting on all maps will be strongly reworked in 0.9.0
- it will not be possible to select one light filter for all the maps (SS: for example so all the maps have the same brightness as South Coast)
- Q: “Has the whining about 15:0 wins/losses intensified?” A (Storm): “There is such a whine for two years already.” SerB: “Four years”
- live and dead tanks do not act as line of sight (spotting) obstacles
- tanks are buffed/nerfed according to statistics. Q: “What statistics?” A: “Combat statistics.”
- SerB regarding one site that sells accounts: “It’s a database of accounts we’ll ban for account trading”
- more realistic tank movement (for example the tank tilting slightly backwards when accelerating) will be added gradually
- after the physics improvement (independent suspension), it will be possible to turn the tanks over on their roof, it will improve gameplay apparently