Thursday, September 26, 2013


- BIA having no effect on camo? “BIA increases the overall skill level of the crew. Furthermore the aim time and others are increased according to general rules.” – and, when confronted by some experiment a player made: “Your experiments are very important to us”
- some guy asks whether the rear-turret tank destroyer with turret based on Maus chassis will be the tier 10 German TD. SerB: “If there is info, there will be such a variant. We have info only about the E-100″ (SS: what a load of garbage, there was no such project)

- according to SerB, there is a possibility of a tier 10 German TD based on Maus (similiar to Jpz E-100), but WG decided not to implement it, as it doesn’t fit anywhere and it would be basically a copy of Jpz E-100 (SS: yes, that’s correct)
- the suspension graphics will be improved, but the tracks will still be modelled as a “belt”, they won’t consist of independently modelled track links, as that would be beyond the possibilities of any but the strongest player computers
- SerB states that when considering the statistics for nerfing/buffing vehicles, the impact of skilled players of them is negligible, as good players form only one-digit percentage of the playerbase
- M-50 and M-51 Super Sherman will be introduced at some point
- E-25 overpowered? “We forgot to ask your opinion, sorry”
- the fact that the same 100mm M-63 looks different for each turret on Object 416 is correct according to SerB, it was done so that while the gun did look different in real life, it wouldn’t have to be introduced as a different gun module (of the same gun) in game for unlocking
- it’s unclear yet whether T10 Foch and T57H will be nerfed in 0.8.9
- VK4502A is doing fine statistically
- SerB states that the opinion of various “famous” streamer personalities (such as Russian Jove or Murazor) has no influence on WG actions: “That would be like building politics of a country on the opinion of directors or artists”
- neither IS-5, nor Shashmurin’s rear-turret IS will be implemented for now
- twin-linked engines do not have bigger chance of getting damaged, their big size is modelled by their hitbox
- internal armored components (SS: for example armored crew seats) are not modelled in the collision model
- AA vehicles won’t be introduced anytime soon – later, maybe, “if needed”
- it’s theoretically possible to implement the possibility to return to the battle once a player leaves the battle for the hangar, but it’s complicated and not needed according to SerB
- according to SerB, everything is okay with AMX-50/100 armor (SS: some player complains it’s not historical)
- Storm states that even when hit by a large shell, the gun module can succeed in the “saving throw” and not get damaged, that’s where direct hits in the gun, that didn’t do anything come from
- current visual camo concept is that “Player pays not for a camouflage, but for decorating his tank”, that’s why you can’t buy more camo variants at the same time
- the theory that when you win a lot, the MM will stop putting you on the top of the team is “nonsense, very popular in gaming circles”
- no plans to change artillery shell trajectory, there might however be some buffs to the arty shell velocity
- dead crewmember recieves only 90 percent of the crew XP, if he gets revived by a medkit, he gets full 100 percent
- SerB confirms that both BIA and ventilation do influence camouflage skill
- there are no plans for now to implement captured KV-1 (German vehicle)
- Storm regarding the fact WG has patented winrate-based MM (SS: this was popular months ago on forums, some might remember): “I don’t know about that. Lawyers did that. They probably wanted to secure it from all sides and for all cases.”
- Storm states that the Noobmeter mod (or the XVM) won’t be banned, as it doesn’t interfere in anything, but there will be an option to disclose player statistics only to friends and clanmates (not public). When asked about the possibility that everyone with 1-49 percent winrate will simply hide their stats, making Noobmeter useless, Storm replies: “Everything is possible”
- regarding the “too many TD’s” whine: “Dominance of TD’s – statistics don’t show their dominance. Yes, there are more of them, but not so many that they would break the game”
- Storm confirms that Severogorsk map has some issues, it will be fixed. It won’t be removed temporarily, it will be just fixed. Devs are still considering how exactly.
- Storm states that it’s possible the tier 4 TD’s for Junior companies are too OP, but he hasn’t studied the matter
- Komarin will be checked, whether it’s balanced
- low caliber subcaliber shells lose penetration over distance faster than high caliber ones
- SerB states examples for unlockable hulls:
T-34: 1940 pattern hull, 1942 pattern hull (frontal armor 60mm instead of 45mm, better suspension quality, 5 speed transmission, different roadwheels and hull accessories)
T-34/85: 1943 patter hull, T-34/85-60 hull (better suspension quality, different roadwheels and accessories)
E-50: current hull, the same hull but with rear transmission (example)
E-75: the same (current hull, rear transmission hull)
KV-3 and KV-220 have no variants
- the maps in WoT won’t be as segmented as in WoWp (different maps for tiers 1-4, 5-8, 9-10), as the tank speed doesn’t vary that much
- Q: “Is it possible to make WoT realistic?” A: “Sure, we only have to introduce infantry (ration like 1 batallion on 1 tank), engineers, AT-guns and howitzers and burning gasoline splashing from the screen. Otherwise the fight will be unrealistic”
- custom player-made inscriptions will not be implemented
- high DPS tanks, TD’s and autoloader tanks will be nerfed? “There will be something, but it’s not profitable for us to announce it yet. When it’s done it’s done.”
- for now there are no plans to implement a client function to stream the gameplay directly to player’s Twitch account
- according to Storm, the Mountain Pass map is not wrongly balanced (in favor of upper team), it won’t be rebalanced
- server-side replays will come in near future