Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We are back !!!

Due to technical problems (My f**** company sent me to a team building. I was stuck for 10 days in a ethno village with NO electricity and no f**** internet - f**** hell) the blog was not updated.
My deepest apologies.
I will update everything first thing tomorrow.
All comments will be answered.
Stay tuned...

One more time, sorry for this crap...


- next CW update will apparently bring gold transactions log for clans
- according to Tanitha (SEA server), there will be a transfer possibility to SEA in the future
- the Chinese Type 34 with 57mm gun is not the Soviet T-34/57 exported to China, the Chinese mounted the gun themselves
- maps bigger than 1000x1000m are not made, because “a) it needs client optimization so that the majority of players could play them b) it needs somewhat different gameplay”
- Standard (old) graphic will not be removed in 0.9.0 (SS: some guy feared they would be removed, Storm stated he doesn’t know of any such plans)
- Storm confirms that the “arty HE shell kills no more than half or 3/5 of your crew” rule applies only when the shell doesn’t penetrate
- Jagdmaus is not planned for now

- according to SerB, the best cooperation between WG and an archive/museum was with Saumur in France, Bovington is not bad either, but SerB states that since the WG EU office is in Paris, it was easier for geographic reasons
- SerB also stated that when looking for info on planes, the archives and museums were much more forthcoming because of the previous WoT communication, he also states that the bigger problem with collecting info is not money, but the fact some are classified
- SerB states that the windows in walls on teh Abbey map are not bugged, a guy was complaining that he shot thru the window but it registered like a hit on the wall, SerB replied that he most likely missed
- no sequels to the Wargaming game “Operation Bagration” are planned, it won’t be turned to MMO, the is simply frozen
- SerB doesn’t consider 800×800 maps too small for tier 10 battles
- the option to disable maps you don’t want to play won’t be implemented for now
- currently the camo system works fine according to SerB: “within its limits”
- if you hit the tip (end) of the gun barrel, the gun won’t get damaged
- the perk Deadeye has nothing to do with gun accuracy apparently: “There is no corellation between where the shell will go within the aim circle and the probability of a crit this perk”
- HE shell mechanism rework is not planned
- the Jagdpanzer IV size in game is correct and historical
- the arty hardcap is still active
- there have been no experiments with fixed amounts of classes in battles (SS: as in 4 meds, 4 heavies etc.), because “it’s considered not necessery”
- the type of shell fired mostly from vehicles is taken into account when considering buffs and nerfs, SerB confirms that the fact some tanks are competitive only with gold shells is taken into account when considering buffs/nerfs
- it was considered to nerf the Foch 155 and T1 Heavy gold shells, but this option was declined for “various reasons”
- no global buff for vehicles relying on accuracy is planned (SS: a player was whining that before the increased gun accuracy buff, only accurate vehicles could work on long distances, but now even previously inaccurate vehicles can slug it out with snipers at long distances)
- Storm doesn’t think that the gun accuracy buff led to some vehicles being seriously OP
- accurate guns themselves won’t be recieving a buff (to differentiate them from less accurate guns)
- the red line map edge barrier won’t be removed, Storm doesn’t like this solution (when arties are for example standing with the back to this arbitrary line and light tanks can’t circle around them), but they don’t consider any other solution viable. The El-Halluf type borders (where the map is bordered by sea/rocks) was not possible everywhere, as it wouldn’t look natural – a player suggested “quicksand” or terrain with 0 passability, SerB states it would look artificial
- removing the arty hardcap would not improve the battle waiting times according to Storm
- the separation of random and company/CW statistics has “normal” priority: “it’s done when it’s done”
- spotting damage in player statistics will be implemented
- SerB states that the lowlevel light tank branches without high tier vehicles are not interesting for players, “we checked”
- SerB states that when the optional hull modules are implemented, they will be tied to the suspension modules (as in, you unlock another suspension = you unlock hull), elite vehicles will remain elite even if new modules are implemented
- T-34-2 has more shells of the same type than Type 59 despite being smaller, because “the internal space left was smaller” (SS: as in, the tank was more cramped)
- according to SerB and Veider, French tree second heavy branch is ready, but won’t be added now, because “there are other trees to have tanks added to them”
- historical Lorraine 40t with 100mm or 120mm guns planned? “We know nothing about that”
- there will be no hardcore mode: not so long ago, the developers tested it again and it’s unplayable
- completely flat map is not planned
- yellow (damaged) tracks do NOT reduce tank speed – SerB: “We spent especially half an hour with testers to check it out, tried with various tanks – no speed reductions”. Storm goes even further:
“Someone here asked rudely to doublecheck the alleged reduction of speed with “yellow” tracks on Indien Panzer (top suspension). We checked. The speed is not reduced. I want to kill somebody…”
(at this point, SerB got apparently pissed too and asked for a permaban for the guy who was rude)
- apparently, the missions window is bugged in the sense that “battles remaining until the mission is completed” are not working, same goes for XP and damage counts, it will be fixed (RU server only?)
- apparently, the sticking of the aim reticle to terrain feature won’t be fixed, as it is basically a feature of the engine (SS: at least that’s how I understand it)
- Maus is doing fine statistically
- not all tanks with increased credit gain coefficient are premium vehicles
- roaming will come “when it’s done”, it’s possible (“will be considered”) that in connection with roaming there will be an option to permanently migrate for example to EU server
- while its too early to tell anything about the roaming mechanism yet, it’s possible “crowds of noobs” will be prevented from using it by a winrate limit and by limiting the roaming to players, who haven’t been punished for spamming and profanity in chat (only recent punishments will be considered apparently)
- when a premium tank gold price gets lowered, there will be no compensations to those who bought it for the old price
- Q: “Will the Chieftain be implemented as tier 10 medium tank instead of FV4202?” A: “No, because in game terms, Chieftain is a heavy”
- it’s possible that when tank tipping over is implemented, the ramming mechanism will be changed too
- WG chose the E-100 chassis for tier 10 German TD WT E-100 and not the Waffentr├Ąger one, because “the light chassis cannot carry a gun heavy enough” (SS: bullshit, there were 128mm/150mm WT’s planned)
- WT E-100 gun will have the same penetration as the E-100 one? “Tests will show” (SS: well, “some say” that currently the guns are identical on supertest)
- if you want to report someone for insulting nickname, use the ingame report for “profanity/insult” (SS: not sure how it is in english client, haven’t reported anyone in ages)