Thursday, October 3, 2013

Red Star Hit Zones

Multilined Tank Carousel x2 (locastans mod for 8.8)

Multilined Tank Carousel x3 (locastans mod for 8.8)

Kodos «XVM-Minimap Only» Mod

Circle Cross Pack

Hit Zones By Nooben+Naglui_Kote

Contour Tanks Icons

Tank Icons

Load Wheel

Aslain’s XVM Mod v2.9.9

Aslain's XVM Mod v2.9.9 (xvm only)

Aslain's Mod Pack v2.9.9 (multiple mods inside)

Sniper Scope By Andre_V

Sniper Scope By Andre_V

Sniper Scope By Andre_V

Remodeling VK 30.02(M)

HD Water Effect

Sniper, Arty & Arcade Scopes

War Planes For WoT

Jove Sniper Scope

RNG. No Comments. Episode 10

RNG. No Comments. Episode 9

RNG. No Comments. Episode 8

RNG. No Comments. Episode 7

Remodeling Crusader

Remodeling StuG III

Green Contour Remover

Removes the green contour around friendly tanks.

WoWP Sniper Scope For WoT

Load Wheel Mod

Vertical Tech Tree

6th Sense Icons

6th Sense Icons

WoWP Sniper Scope For WoT

Sniper Scope By Andre_V, AleksLee

Meme 6th Sense

China HD Skin Pack

Damage Indicator By DIKEY93

British HD Skin Pack

Railway Waggons Mod

Unzip and copy to : "game location"\World Of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.8\

Rail Platforms Mod

Rail Platforms Mod