Friday, October 4, 2013


- Storm confirms: skill MM will NOT be implemented into random battles
- the boundaries of the skill MM are not very broad (SS: as in, players will not be able to play other players, who are too far from their rating)
- Storm explains the fact that the armor collision model consists of 16 groups of armor:
“16 groups mean 16 ‘thicknesses’ of armor, elements of the same thickness can be put as different parts of hull and turret armor. Tracks – 2 different armor groups, hull and everything on it – 16 groups, turret and everything on it – 16 more groups, mantlet – 16 more groups, gun module – separate armor group”
- in 0.9.0, there will be some graphic improvements without increasing the computer requirements, grass and trees are currently being re-worked
- for now, Neubaufahrzeug (SS: shown in the 8.9 KTTS video as tier 3 premium) will not be implemented
- the first version of the 7/42 battles will take no ratings into account when autoselecting teams, as everyone will start with 0 cybersports rating, this will take roughly 2 weeks to sort out
- there will be no voicechat moderation in 7/42 mode for now
- it will be possible to pick your entire 7/42 team manually, like in companies
- currently 3 city maps are being developed by WG
- the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)
- the effects putting most strain on graphic card are vegetation effects, shadows and render range
- KV-1S nerf in 8.9 was cancelled: “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely”
- the new cybersports rating will include winrate (in 7/42 battles only), if you start playing this mode months after it is implemented (when the rating is sorted out), it will automatically put you to play with newbies even if you have unicum stats
- Storm states that the WT E-100 gun shield is penetrable by HT/TD tier 10 HE shells
- in 8.9 IS-4 will be a bit fixed (SS: “errors in armor” to be exact – specifically the frontal armor angle)
- Storm on roaming: “We will release Roaming in test mode at first, we’ll see how it works, how much it strains the servers and if there are any hidden issues with it. This will be an internal test. Only after that it will be possible to talk about details.”
- it will be very easy to become a team commander in 7/42, the interface is very simple
- ignore list will not be taken into account in the 7/42 automatic player search
- the skill MM will work so that there will be a quite narrow “window” of possible opponents for the team (SS: this window will be defined by the skill of your team, for example, let’s say your team has “100″ rating, so you will be able to fight teams with 90 to 110 rating), this window will however become broader the longer you wait in the queue (SS: for example players, who would normally fight 90-110 rating teams will be able to fight 80-120 teams if they wait too long)
- Mountain Pass encounter won’t be taken down for rework for now
- Redshire will be rebalanced, Malinovka won’t (“It’s one of the best maps in game”)
- Erlenberg has “a bit more” draws than other maps
- 7/42 modes might recieve modified versions (such as 7/64), both when it comes to points amount and the tiers allowed
- the maps available for the 7/42 mode will be: Lakesville, Abbey, Prokhorovka, Mines, Ruinberg, Steppes, Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Cliff
- it’s possible there will be a 7/42 version for tier 10′s
- skill MM not a good idea? “If you don’t like this mode, don’t play it. Random won’t go anywhere.”
- Storm states they thought about the 7/42 tactics that one team will have two noob players in bad tanks camping somewhere, while the unicums will go pwn the opposition, automatically selected by the MM to be noobs too. Storm says that the influence on fight will be small enough and that it is taken into account, Storm is not afraid of various trollteams, he states teams such as “two unicums and 3 noobs” won’t be a problem
- in 7/42, draw is considered defeat for both teams
- Storm states that in 7/42 smaller teams will be at significant disadvantage
- Storm states that the 7/42 mode is not set to stone and that it might be modified, so there aren’t any ultimate setups (like the 7/42 league autoloader tanks etc)
- camo net graphic effect is possible with new render, but it won’t be implemented for now
- the 8.8 E50M mantlet bug (clipping?) will be fixed in 8.9
- ESLO battles in special ingame mode (Team battles) and not in training room? “Not this year”
- there will be no new achievements for 7/42 when 7/42 starts, they will be added later
- there will also be 7/42 championships in game, but not right away
- the new Northwest map will be neither like Tundra, nor like Highway
- camo factor is secret because it came to happen like that historically (as in, based on the past decisions) – “also, the parameter has no units, it’s a coefficient”
- in “one of the future patches” (SS: funny, I thought that was 8.9 – postponed?), midtier arty will be somewhat buffed
- 7/42 mode was selected because it is used in championships
- the new city maps will be “various” (SS: as in both half-opened like Ruinberg and closed like Himmelsdorf)
- you will not know what map will you get in 7/42 before the battle for now, but this will be added later
- there will be no fog of war in 7/42
- there will be a special mechanism for tournaments in the future
- there are no plans for “long service” medal for very old accounts
- 8.9 will feature “various buffs” for “machines with bad winrate”
- Storm states that the handpicked 7/42 teams will have an advantage over random teams
- interesting: Initially, automatical 7/42 player allocation will NOT take rating into account at all
- SerB when asked, whether War Thunder tanks will be a competition for WoT: “For now no. Maybe in half a year, if we sleep in the meantime. Many of the solutions (they took) are controversial, but I won’t give hints here.”
- 0.9.0 will be connected with “serious changes”
- historical and garage battles were delayed, because development priority “unfortunately” was given to cybersport by a majority vote, according to SerB
- 30vs30 battles are being worked on
- improved graphics will come for WoT
- the decision to implement E-50 on tier 10 and the “turbopanther” on tier 9 was not taken before because players were whining about wanting rear-transmission E-50. However, it is not sure if this change will happen in the future.
- so far there is still not enough data on RU251
- reload timer in seconds will come in 8.9

Received Damage Announcer

This mod has been found by Ragnarok [IIBII], regards...

  • Announces to the team who damaged you and how much when a team mate attacks you
  • Displays a message when you are hit of who attacked you
  • Gold Round Detector
Future Ideas
  • Extend the functionality to crew or module damage
  • Platoon Mode
    • Announce to squad mates
  • v1.4 - Fixed unicode issues (Tanks such as the Lowe and Bat Chatillion).
  • v1.3 - Fixed issues with variable being unavailable.
  • v1.2 - Fixed reload time issue.
  • v1.1 - Added shell colors and fixed enemy's current health.
  • v1.0 - Added enemy's current and max health paramters. Added back shell type detection and added gold round detection.
  • v0.9 - Improved reload time estimation to be more pessimistic (Assume trained commander and loader with adrenaline perk)
  • v0.8 - Removed shell type until I can find a good way to implement it. Changed default message formatting.
  • v0.7 - Added error on config problem. Expanded formatting options.
  • v0.6 - Fixed national voice issues
  • v0.5 - Added reload time and short tank name as paramters
  • v0.4 - Added user configurable messages
  • v0.3 - Corrected configuration file
  • v0.2 - Configuration via file
  • v0.1 - Initial Version

Extra Zoom Mod x2 x4 x8 x10 - x30 (10 positions)

If you don't need no scroll function just delete NoScroll.xml from "game location"\World Of Tanks\res_mods\\0.8.8\gui\.

Up Close & Personal - MS-1

Warhammer Tank Crew Icons - Germany

Anime Tank Crew Icons (Germany, USSR, USA)


- the situation when a teammate runs into your shot (that is already flying) will still count as teamdamage, won’t be changed
- SerB states that the assumption premium tanks should have lower average winrate than regular tanks of the same class is correct
- SerB considers too high winrate for premium tanks a problem: “We don’t sell pwnage for money”

- HE shells actually work better against destructable objects, buildings/objects have their own hitpoints and HE shells damage them more than AP shells
- SerB states that the HESH effect on sloped surfaces is taken into account in their parameters
- in the 7/42 battles, both the manually and automatically collected teams will play with each other
- 7/42 battles: as written earlier, the skill will be measured by special skill rating. This rating will based only on 7/42 battles, everyone will start with 0 rating (“first few weeks will be funny”)
- the maximum speed of vehicles in game is usually the nominal vehicle speed (SS: from documentation)
- if tracks and spaced armor are hit by ramming, they reduce the damage the vehicle takes by ramming
- it’s possible that weather effects will be implemented at some point, same goes for realistic shooting effects from bushes (“flashes”), day/night battles and ammorack explosion shockwaves
- apparently the terrain destruction and effects like in SpinTires demo won’t be implemented
- both premium arty and premium light tank of tier higher than 6 won’t be implemented
- at first, the 7/42 battles you won’t be able to select a team setup for the respective map, but this option will be implemented afterwards
- maps in team battles will be selected automatically
- the killed crewmember XP (90 percent of a live one) will stay as it is now
- you won’t be able to troll with useless tanks in 7/42 battles, the team commander will approve which tanks and players will enter the battle
- minimum number of players for 7/42 will be 5. You can either pick the entire team manually, or you can pick only a few and the rest will be added automatically
- in 8.9 old companies will keep the old interface for now, but 7/42 will have a brand new one
- devs haven’t decided yet whether to buff the “113″ tank, data is being collected
- apparently the 3 caliber rule will be cancelled for HEAT shells in 8.9
- player stats from 7/42 will be kept separate
- ingame tournaments will be implemented after the 7/42 mode is live
- there will be something like “7/42″ mode for tier 10′s too (smaller teams), it will be separate from Clanwars

North-West - New 8.9 Map

Remodeling JagdPz E100

WoT Tank Viewer 1.0.10

  • View all tanks in the game including tanks not available in the in-game shop.
  • View collision model and armor thickness.
  • View tanks with the in- game camouflage.
  • Export baked camouflage  maps.
  • Extract all textures used by the tanks.
  • Generate UV maps.
  • View damaged tank models.
  • Take screenshots of the tanks.
  • Create tank directories in the mod folder.
  • Edit .visual files for all tanks.
  • View both premium and basic hangar.
  • Customizable GUI.
  • Save/Load camera views.
  • Camera supports orthographic and perspective mode.
  • View tanks in wireframe and solid/wireframe mode.

Improved Lighting Mod v 3.0.01


You don't like my lighting settings for a certain map? Here is how to set the lighting to default for certain maps, e.g for
Arctic Region
  • Open your WoT mods folder (E.g. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.7).
  • Open the folder 'system' and then 'data' and delete for Arctic Region the file named 'sky38_mannerheim_line.xml'
  • Arctic Region doesn't use its default skybox. To change it back to default navigate to your WoT mods folder (Step 1)
  • Open the folder 'maps' and then 'skyboxes' and delete for Arctic Region the folder '38_mannerheim_line_sky'.
  • Now you are done, you've successfully set the lighting for Arctic Region to default.
To set lighting for other maps to default follow the steps 1-5, except deleting other files.

How is the setting/skybox for map XYZ called?

Sacred Valley = 73_asia_korea
Karelia = 01_karelia
Himmelsdorf = 04_Himmelsdorf
Prohorovka = 05_prohorovka
Ensk = 06_ensk
Lakeville = 07_lakeville
Murovanka = 11_murovanka
Erlenberg = 13_erlenberg
Wide Park = 17_munchen(_02)
Cliff = 18_cliff
Westfeld = 23_westfeld
El Hallouf = 29_el_hallouf
Airfield = 31_airfield
Fjord = 33_fjord
Redshire = 34_redshire
Steppes = 35_steppes
Fishing Bay = 36_fishing_bay
Arctic Region = 38_mannerheim_line
Port = 42_north_america
Live Oaks = 44_north_america
Highway = 45_north_america
Pearl River = 60_asia_miao
Severogorsk = 85_winter

Tank Made By Airsoft Players

Very nice video of the airsoft tank in action.