Tuesday, October 8, 2013


- according to The_Chieftain, WG is talking about the American premium tank destroyer, it could have a 6 man crew
- from the same source, there was a talk about replacing the T28 with something historical, but no details
- according to SerB, the King of Jordan, who plays WoT, plays German branch

- the tanks don’t feel like heavy vehicles (not enough intertia)? “Try Maus”
- apparently, Object 430 will have similiar gun to the Object 140 and T-62A (“So what, Americans, British and Germans all have the L7″)
- Clans will be unified for all WG projects
- apparently, the fact that WoWp autopilot sends a plane into the ground is normal
- WoT autocannons won’t be able to fire single shots only (or rather, this option will not be implemented)
- when roaming is implemented, it won’t be a problem that you have the same nickname as someone from RU server for example, as all the “roaming” players will recieve an EU/RU/NA etc tag (SS: like they do currently on the test server, for example Silentstalker_EU)
- apparently, China has a law against swearing, so WG had to make the censorship filter permanently on there. SerB states that it will be done in RU only if the parliament approves such law
- according to SerB, the “rendering range” setting has no influence on tanks visibility, only on terrain visibility, eg. you will see the tanks up to 500 meters even with low settings
- There was no such thing as a 75mm L/43 (or L/48) Panzer III (SS: some guy mistook the picture of a Flammpanzer III for a gun)
- missions screen bugs will be fixed in 8.9
- no plans for an archievement for destroying 4-5 TD’s (like it is with arty)
- greater tank rendering range is possible, but very expensive (development-wise), it’s planned, but not anytime soon
- there will be turrents flying off the destroyed tanks during ammo rack explosions, it’s possible there will be other effects during ammorack explosion, such as secondary explosions, but apparently such an explosion will not do splash damage to tanks in its vincinity
- SerB states that the number of really bad players has not increased lately
- the Achievement garage tab will be improved in 0.8.9 apparently, but only a few player suggestion were taken into account, most weren’t
- SerB states that 10,5cm KwK 45 and 105mm mle.57 (D.1504) is the same gun as the L7

Remodeling M 103

Epic Win TD's

Map Tactics - Westfield

Compressed Textures by Melkor

1. Download and unzip the content from folder "szhatye-textury-XX-Melkor" (XX - compression) to "game location"/World_of_Tanks/res/packages.
2. Start Autocompression_0.8.8.bat.
3. Wait for Command Prompt to finish.
4. Start the game.

Tank Info Panel

KV-2 In Berlin

WoT Tweaker Plus 8.8 From Jove Mod Pack

Special edition of WoT Tweaker specially made for Jove Mod Pack. Unfortunately it's in Russian but I'll enplane step by step how and what to do.
So why bother?

This tweaker contains a special module that can compress textures thus making the game run much smoother.

Let's start:
From this location download WoT Tweaker Plus. Unzip and run WoTTweakerPlus.088.v11.exe. You will get this window:

Let's see what is what.
Starting from the top:

In the first box enter the correct path to main game folder (fig. 1.). When you do that correctly the rest of the boxes will become active.

Check in/out boxes (check in to disable effect) (fig. 2):

- smoke from the exhaust pipe
- smoke from destroyed tanks
- smoke and flames after shooting
- explosion effects
- tank hit effect
- tank destruction effect
- object hit effect
- object destruction effect
- trees moving (wind effect on trees)
- clouds
- birds
- start screen
- remove idiots from team (it's a joke, it wont help :) )

So far this is the same what you get from the usual WoT Tweaker.

Now the interesting part. Texture compression (fig. 3). Press the fall down menu and you will get this:

The slider is automatically set to OFF (fig. 1 second picture), choose how much compression do you need and hit the button (fig. 2 second picture)


For those interested in mobile gaming, Overlord wrote the requirements for World of Tanks: Blitz
- currently, HEAT shells are subject to 3-caliber and 10-caliber rules (SS: 3-caliber rule concerns overmatch, 10-caliber rule concerns the length of the shell flight within the vehicle)
- Superpershing will be sellable for gold only before 8.9 goes live
- SerB states that “tests will show”, what computer will run improved graphics in WoT at 50-60FPS, but it should be “normal gaming computer”
- Radeon notebook graphic card optimizations for WoT? “I will tell when it’s done”

- M6A2E1 too weak against tier 10′s and 9′s? “go hulldown, attack higher tiers from the side and if that’s too tough, don’t play M6A2E1″
- Object 416 M-63 gun changing length between stock and top turrets? “It was done so.” (SS: as in “we simply did it like that”)
- SerB states that despite the second A-44 turret is called “ekranirovannaja” (with spaced armor screens), there are no special armor screens in the model. SerB also says that when a turret with additional armor is implemented, if there is no space between the armor and the additional plate, the armor is modelled as a single block (SS: as in if you have a 100mm armor and then 20mm plate riveted directly on it, it will be modelled as a 120mm homogenous armor plate)
- SerB states that if the “Turbopanther” is implemented, it will probably have just the historical armor, as unhistorical armor is added only when absolutely necessery, but emphasizes that it’s just an idea, not a real plan yet
- WoT HD textures? “I will show when the time is right”
- captured tanks will not be in 8.9
- smoothbore guns won’t be implemented, because they have too much penetration
- roughly 12 man-months are needed to implement one tank into the game: this includes historical research, modelling, textures, other effects, sound and balance (SS: later, SerB explains that the “sound” part is matching the correct (standard) sound to the vehicle)
- the 25 percent penetration spread is not a “random number”, it reflects the quality of shells and armor and is based on how often did Soviet 76mm guns ZIS-3 and F-34 penetrate the Tiger flanks
- when the researchable hulls come, tier 1 British Vickers Mk.I might be replaced by 1921 Vickers Light Tank and merged with Vickers Mk.II (SS: here I am not totally sure with the translation)
- if you detrack a burning tanks, you won’t get assist bonus for the fire damage, as it is tied to the shell that caused it before the detrack
- Lowe situation apparently won’t be changed (SS: the question was aimed at 3 T-44′s in existence (T-44, T-44-85, T-44-122), whether something similiar could be done with Lowe)
- national battles (only German vs only Americans for example) won’t be implemented for now
- SerB personally is satisfied with the Encounter on Mountain Pass, it will be changed only “when necessery” and apparently it doesn’t have bad statistics
- when asked about the ban and compensation system being sufficient in game, SerB states he’d ban more

Improved Graphics Pack

Filters SweetFX:

-SMAA Anti-aliasing

Realistic Water Mod.

Enhanced Lighting Mod

Max FarPlane Mod

Unzip and copy to main game folder: