Thursday, October 10, 2013

HD Mini Maps 1152х1152

Unzip and copy folder "spaces" to "game location"\WorldOfTanks\res_mods\0.8.8\

Night Time At Tank Proving Ground


Captured Japan's Tanks

Epic Win MT's

Centurion 7/1 Tier 9 Medium Tank - Legendary

50 Ways to Die in World of Tanks


 SerB states that he’d like to have more than two turrets per vehicle (SS: in some cases at least)
- accuracy rebalance is not planned
- SerB states that the reason for the drawing distance and spotting limit is that on one hand the typical engaging distance during WW2 was 300-500 meters, but on the other hand also the fact that it’s not interesting gameplay-wise to shoot “dots on the horizon”
- anti-aliasing TXAA? “when it’s done it’s done”, but apparently not anytime soon, it hasn’t been decided yet when it will come

- SerB states that he German tanks killing their enemies at 2,5km were either simply accidents, or the tankers made the story up
- KV-7 (Object 227) will most likely not appear in WoT, but it’s possible that one of the KV-7 variants with two (linked) 76,2mm ZIS-5 might appear, SerB states that it’s a very strange vehicle
- developers actually considered the option to allow players to unlock one tier 10 tank from another tier 10 tank (IS-7 from IS-4 for example), but decided not to do it
- Soviet hightier light tanks won’t be implemented for now, because although there are candidates for those tiers, those tanks are only paper projects and the tiers under them (6-7) are not clear either
- the fact a vehicle is open-topped and doesn’t need ventilation is taken into account by WG when balancing vehicle characteristics (namely: increased ROF and view range, decreased weight)
- no plans for additional equipment and consumables slots
- SerB stats that when a team wins and the tank survives, it gets more XP than if the team wins and the tank dies, but the difference is not big
- SerB confirms that there will be another special “7/42-like” game mode for tier 10 tanks, it won’t be such a long wait as it was for the 7/42, because the mechanism is already developed
- Sturmtiger will be implemented, “when it’s done”, SerB states that while he won’t go into any details, there might be some more German monsters á la WTE100 coming at some point (SerB confirms it will most likely be a TD) (SS: I’d hazard a guess he means the Bär)
- 8.9 Waffenträgers getting additional gun changes? “If necessery”
- SerB states that average XP per battle was always lower for arty than for other classes, it has decreased after the arty nerf, but not much
- Q: “There are people who are (SS: medically) addicted to the game, what will you do to help them?” A: “Well, I am always writing here: ‘don’t play…’ – maybe it saved someone”
- for now, no further German branches are planned
- renting/buying for credits of premium tanks won’t be implemented
- Brummbär “didn’t drop out anywhere” (SS: as in, it is still planned)
- new equipment is not planned for now
- SerB states that the BF4 engine is pretty, but WG won’t buy it, the “packet” solutions are already spent and now it’s time to improve (polish) what they have (one of the reasons for no BF4 engine is the fact it doesn’t work on Windows XP)
- 5 arty hardcap is not removed
- Havok and smoke/fire effects are not tied to one another
- hardcap for TD’s is not planned
- developers are analysing the situation about the TD’s in tier 10 battles, a player stated that at least one third of each team is filled with TD’s, Storm answers that according to their statistics it’s much less

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