Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Be Useless #9

RNG. No Comments. Episode 11


- apparently, the variant where there would be a transfer from old German TD branch to the new one is not considered
- Storm states that the developers never said there would be no tier 10 mediums, it’s players who made this up
- KV-5 will not return to the ingame shop for now
- the aim of the midtier arty buff in 8.9 is not aimed at reducing the number of TD’s in game, but to buff certain specific underperforming vehicles
- it’s “completely possible” certain popular hightier TD’s will be nerfed, but there will not be a TD hardcap

- optional unlockable hulls implementation will take a LOT of time, definitely not in 9.0
- HD World of Tanks (improved graphics) will run on BigWorld, improved version by Wargaming. Storm states that from the original engine there will be almost nothing left, everything will be rewritten
- blind shots (on targets noone spotted) count XP/credit-wise as if the shooter spotted them himself
- Wargaming doesn’t plan to sell their Bigworld engine variant
- Storm states that free camera in replays gives no game advantage
- tracers will not return, it will stay as it is now
- Q: “How do you plan to keep the companies actual?” A: “We don’t”
- there will be no massive vehicle rebalance in 0.9.0
- tank numbers (as in, decals displaying a huge number) will not be implemented apparently, as there is not enough room on tanks and they interfere with inscriptions and other decals
- Storm states that when it comes to selecting what vehicles to buff or nerf, he first looks at their winrate and when it stands out, he looks at secondary stats as well
- the duties of the radioman (SS: as in the skills, perks etc) on German tanks (where the commander acts as a radioman) won’t be transferred to the loader as it is in Soviet tanks
- no suitable tier 8 premium medium candidates for Soviets have been found (T-44A fits more like tier 7)
- Storm states that if the Jagdpanzer E-100 had a front-mounted gun and the same armor, the frontal suspension would be overloaded
- VK45XX tanks might have the bow machinegun removed as a weakspot
- it’s possible the Porsche Jagdtiger will appear as an optional hull for Jagdtiger itself
- for now, 7/42 battles will not have automatic relogging to another server, maybe in the future
- apparently the fact a vehicle is not popular doesn’t mean much when considering rebalance
- 112 and T-34-3 will be sold via ingame magazine in 0.8.9
- T-44-85 will have 126 regular pen and 167 gold pen
- for now, there are no plans for reducing the MM spread of A-20, T-50, Panzer 38NA, Luchs, M5 Stuart and M5A1 in connection with more tier 6 lights appearing in the game
- Storm states that it’s normal that things get constantly rebalanced in any online game (SS: yes it is)
- 8.9 will apparently bring no changes for Jagdpanzer IV according to Storm
- apprently T-44-85 will have reduced MM
- T-34-2 stats will be revisited, might get rebalanced
- Q: “Will there be premium tier 8 heavies for Britain and Japan?” A: “If we find some, we’ll put them in plans.”
- Brummbär will most likely come in 2014
- LeFH 18 will not be transferred to German branch
- Sturmtiger will most likely be an unlockable vehicle, not a premium one
- Leopard 1 is statistically doing fine apparently
- Storm states that Mines encounter actually has some small imbalances, but strangely enough, on low tiers one side has better winrate and on high tiers the other side has better winrate. And it changes over time too, so for now it won’t be reworked.
- there won’t be a possibility to transform a regular vehicle into a premium one
- for now, the new AMD R7 and R9 graphic cards with API Mantle technology won’t be supported by WoT, maybe in the future
- for now there are no plans to implement Churchill AVRE: “It will be really difficult to balance”
- HESH shells still work like HE shells, they don’t lose pen over distance
- Storm states that HE and AP shells don’t have different trajectories because of their shell types, everything depends on shell velocity
- there will be no skill MM in historical battles
- there will be a video made to explain ingame balance (MM), it’s being worked on

8.9 New German TD’s

8.9 New Premium Vehicles

North-West Map Bug

IS-3 Model Changes In 8.9 (.gif)



8.9 – Detailed New Vehicles


Aslain’s XVM Mod v2.9.11

Aslain's Mod Pack v2.9.11 (multiple mods inside)

Skin E25 Tron

OMC ModPack INSTALLER (updated 10.10.2013)

STEP 1: Download
STEP 2: run the Installer an select the components you want
STEP 3: let the Installer download the DLC and install them
STEP 4: launch the Game