Sunday, October 13, 2013

WW2 Tanks In Yugoslavian War


6th Sense Spotted With Sound (German & English)

8.9 Model Changes (.gif)


- Storm states that exact vehicle changes weren’t in the test server patchnotes, because those get written only in the final patchnotes that will go live
- trees growing from stones (North-West map) are a bug
- Storm confirms that the frontal armor angle of IS-4 has been fixed
- recently the graphics have not been touched (SS: some players complain about FPS drops in hangar)

- Hetzer too weak and imbalanced? “Don’t play Hetzer”
- according to SerB, one movie that showed HE shells ricocheting off armor was “completely realistic”
- apparently, additional garage slots won’t be unified in WoT and WoWp
- apparently, the Christie US branch is still not forgotten
- SerB confirms that stock suspension has less HP than the elite one
- stock suspension with “springs” extra equipment (SS: that gives HP bonus to the suspension) and elite suspension have roughly the same amount of hitpoints, however the “springs” equipment does not increase the vehicle maneuverability
- SerB states that the MM weight difference between tier X and X+1 is roughly 50 percent
- there will be historical battles in WoWs and WoWp too, WoT HB’s will come sooner tho
- SerB states that there’s no room for kill markers and number decals on tank hulls
- SerB states that should there be a case where – when the unlockable hulls are implemented – one hull option had historically a different crewmember number than the other one, the historical number will be ignored if needed (both variants will have the same amount of crewmembers)
- SerB states that there is no hard limit on how many tanks will there be in a branch (SS: in this case a Soviet branch) as “the archives are endless”. But SerB also states that soon a big re-work of all models will come (to improve their quality), so the amount of new vehicles being implemented will decrease significantly. Plus, some modifications will not be introduced as tanks, but as optional hulls.
- SerB confirms that optional hulls will be tied to suspensions: you unlock suspension, you unlock the hull with it
- if your loader with Intuition dies, the Intuition perk won’t work
- with the optional hulls, although the hulls should present equal options (for example, one has armor, the other has speed), it is not guaranteed that with both hulls you’ll be able to use top guns and turrets of the vehicle
- the point of tier 2-3 premiums is according to SerB “some farming (although smaller), crew training and fun”
- skill MM won’t come to random battles
- SerB states that there are lots of German material in Germany too, not just in US/Soviet archives, not long ago, the Maus prototypes were published in a German book
- WoT Blitz will most likely not work on Windows Phone 7
- SerB states that the T-44-85 differs from stock ingame T-44 by having different hull construction
- KV-5 being underpowered? “Don’t play KV-5″