Monday, October 14, 2013

Echo Of War

Airfield Hangar Mod

South Coast Hangar Mod


- Q: “Why does T-44-85 have such a low penetration?” A: “So you don’t play it”
- Q: “When the Allies captured the entire German archives, was there ever a case when the Allies had a look at the German solutions and were like ‘that’s genius, we’ll do that too’?” A: “Yea, the entire French branch.” (later SerB states that practically all post-war tanks are based on German drawings)
- one of the reasons for the optional unlockable hull solution is the introduction of a number of vehicles into the game, that didn’t make it for some various reasons (for example something else was occupying their tier already, too few modules etc.)
- T-35 will apparently not be a part of a regular branch, it’s too weak for tier 4 too
- T58 (Heavy) apparently won’t be introduced, despite the German 150mm autoloader TD making it to the game: “It has armor, Germans don’t.”
- SerB states that buffing viewrange of all tier 4 open-topped tank destroyers to 390m would not be “more logical” than current situation (SS: a player whines that Marder 38T has too weak viewrange)
- there are differences between 112 and 113 hulls
- SerB already has the T-44-85
- apparently, this year, only 0.8.9 and possible 0.9.0 patches come out
- PzSfl.V is not called “Sturer Emil” in game, because it was simply a nickname, equal to the SU-76 being called “bare-ass Ferdinand” in Russian
- apparently, same case applies for Marder 3, but not Ferdinand, which was official (SS: I am pretty sure Marder III was an official designation at some point, will re-check)
- premium Marder 3 SdKfz 139? “If necessery”
- the IS-3 driver’s viewport is apparently modelled correctly in game (SS: some player was complaining that when it was tilted like this, the driver would see only the ground)
- it’s possible T-44 will get another alternative turret, the T-44-100
- WT E-100 gonna get a nerf compared to current situation? “If necessery”
- the German vehicles in game have the Balkenkreuz and not Swastika, because it’s banned in Germany and WoT is active on German market
- there will be no changes to Object 140 in 8.9
- the tank hit decals (SS: those texture “holes”) disappearing when new ones are created won’t be changed for now
Also, Storm made a post, where he asks players their opinion on 8.9 – some answers from it:
- it’s too early to tell what exactly will be in 0.9.0
- devs will keep an eye on the T-44-85 stats, its possible that the vehicle could get special limited MM (it would not meet tier 8 or 9 tanks), but for now it’s too early to tell
- a half of players writing on the reload timer wants bigger numbers and a half wants smaller, for now it will stay as it is
- it will be possible to choose a map in the next 7/42 battles version
- Storm will balance the 7/42 tank profitability (how much credits a tank makes) based on statistics, he wants the same profitability as in random battles
- driver’s hatch on IS-3 is 60mm, it’s historical (“the thickness of the plate from which it is cut”), it is not supposed to be 110mm as some players state – apparently there are some schematics floating around that are incorrect
- ST-I model (armor slope) is correct, WG specifically checked
- apparently WG hired new sound department, they are testing, the old records taken at army training grounds will be used

Remodeling SU-85

Reticle Mod


- SerB on War Thunder tank trees, when asked, whether he considers them to be epic fail: “Well, I won’t comment on ‘epic fail’, it’s more like different approaches to making branches”
- SerB on T-35 (multi-turret Soviet tank): “I don’t know what is it good for, apart from having it in your garage. It’s the same as in real life – it served only for show”, when asked what’s the big difference from TOGII, he replied “the gun”
- Q: “Why didn’t you add T-34/100 in the game?” A:”Because we decided to add other tanks.”
- Q: “You added a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip, what’s then point of that?” A: “The point of that is to add a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip.”