Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Magnitola Sniper Scope By Marsoff

Magnitola Sniper Scope By Marsoff

Historical Sniper Scope TZF9d

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- too many shots damaging the engine on A-44? “Don’t play A-44″
- apparently, AMX 50/100 was not changed to have its turret weaker (SS: a player is complaining about too many crits)
- the statistic of each player’s tanks currently in hangar won’t be disclosed
- in new player statistics, draws count as losses, because “a draw is a loss – the goal of the game was not completed” and “well, we don’t encourage camping”

- SerB states that if the situation when a killed crewmember doesn’t disable BIA is indeed so, it’s a bug (SS: as in, it is intended for BIA to stop working when one crewmember is killed), SerB is currently discussing this issue with Storm, states that BIA is a “must-have” perk possibly because of this bug. Furthermore, SerB comments on BIA thus: “It’s logical. Crew, that is close to each other and has everything trained to the point of being automatic loses one person – and all the trained procedures are gone. That’s how it was intended. But, as you can see,someone succumbed to whining and as a result, BIA became imbalanced. So much for ‘listen more to players’, yea…”
- top tier arty too weak? “Don’t have top-tier arty in your garage”
- apparently, tanks shouldn’t be able to catch fire from arty splash
- the amount of aim spread after a shot (how much bigger is the aim circle made after a shot) does not depend on gun or caliber, but on a tank, theoretically it’s possible for a 90mm gun to have bigger aim spread after shot than a 122mm gun
- a player asked about SerB’s statement that we should learn from the Chinese and their attitude to Kuomintang, whether he means the reaction on Stalin in Europe. Instead, a “global moderator” employee replied that Stalin and Red Army weren’t subjected to war crime tribunal, unlike nazis
- SerB: “Wittman’s medal was removed after an official request of German authorities. If they request the removal of Rudel’s medal in WoWp, it will be removed too.”
- there won’t be missions with gold rewards it seems: “our content is available even without having to spend gold”
- (unlike BIA) camouflage, firefighting and repair skill do not get disabled when one crewmembers get killed, they are calculated from the average of the crew, so the killed crewmember skill simply drops to 0, this same mechanism will not be implemented for BIA, as the skill would become imbalanced
- SerB on stalinist symbols in Europe: “We are watching the European reactions on stalinist symbols very closely” (SS: sarcasm)
- SerB states that if 6th sense works when the commander is dead, it’s also a bug (apparently, ANY perks working with their crewmembers not being alive are a bug)
- Q: “I have doubts that tier 3 premiums are weaker than regular tier 3 tanks” A: “Then have doubts, we don’t mind”
- T-44 having an optional T-44B hull and T-44-100 turret in the future, or possibly a hull with additional spaced armor? “We’ll see”
- statistically the LB-1 is doing fine after the changes
- SerB doesn’t care about trollplatoons on tier 10
- common WoWp and WoT missions (with goals for both games) are technically possible, but complicated and not needed
- there will most likely be an official portal section for Top 1000 players rating-wise
- it’s possible there will be another render version of the “simple graphics” (“old render”) made in the future (SS: apparently based on the new render), but SerB states they don’t want to disable the optional simplified graphics render for weak computers at all
- apparently, automatic player status change (for example a player tagged as AFK after 10 mins of inactivity) won’t be implemented

Remodeling JagdPz E-100