Friday, October 18, 2013

Epic Win TD's

Patch 8.9 test Server - The Flak Bus!

Type 64 - Gameplay Review

T-44-85 - Gameplay Preview


- Storm confirms that the engine has a chance of lighting up from ANY damage done (above certain threashold, that is there to prevent lowtier autocannons from causing too many engine fires), but not every damage done makes the engine yellow or red, so it is possible for a “normal” (undamaged) engine to catch fire
- frames per second limit won’t be implemented
- fullscreen mode without a frame won’t apparently be impemented (SS: not sure what this refers to, a fully opened window?)
- 1,2×1,2km maps are being experimented with

- apparently, player-customizable command wheel idea has not been scrapped
- apparently, the Unreal Tournament 4 “consequentive capture the base” (SS: no idea, sorry) mode was not tested on WoT
- it seems that there will be a clan icon in the Achievements window, there was just no time to implement it
- spall liner does not depend on where the tank gets hit apparently, it simply reduces the damage and crew crit chance
- 3D technologies (3D monitors) support is planned, but not anytime soon
- (SS: apparently regarding the historical battles): there were 10 M24 Chaffee tanks in Dien Bien Phu battle
- the Lorraine 40t frontal plate issue is not important according to Storm, that’s why it will be fixed only in medium future
- Chi-Nu Kai will also be sold only via giftshop at first until 9.0
- French second medium branch is not ready, it will definitely not be in 2013
- apparently incorrect Japanese crewmember of Major rank tags in WoT will be re-checked

Sniper Scope Simplex

Sniper And Arty Scope By Gomoz + marsoff + J1mB0 = MIX By DINIK

Skin Leopard PT A

Skin StuG III

Skin T69

8.9 Test 2 Patchnotes

 many fixes in the Team Battles window
- Achievements window got a special tab for Team battles statistics
- fixed some small bugs in visual models of Waffenträger auf Pz. IV, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B, M7 Priest, Type 64, Pz.Sfl. IVc, IС, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, КВ-1С, AT 15A, M103, BТ-2, Объект 140, Waffenträger auf E 100, StuG III.
- fixed tank icons for Waffenträger auf E 100, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV, ИС-3, Pz.Sfl. IVc, Pz.Sfl. V.
- fixed the freezes of the client when being in training rooms
- fixed battle type descriptions in battle menu
- fixed bugs in the new battle menu

- fixed some bugs in the Achievements window
- fixed issues (discrepancies) in medal description tooltips and medal descriptions, when checking the achievements on actual tanks
- an extension added to the tooltip for amount of battles in the Achievement window
- added animation of the personal rating in the Achievement window
- removed the Mountain Pass encounter
- fixed the display bug in digital reload timer when using a medkit
- fixed the bug where the aim reticle didn’t sometimes align with where the gun was aiming
- fixed some bugs in the Missions window
- fixed some bugs on the new North-West map
- fixed the bug where the tanks got stuck on the bridge on Komarin map
- tutorial had the bug fixed where no matter what tank you used, the crew always spoke Russian
- fixed the bug where you couldn’t change any training room settings, if the player entered battle without the creator of the room
- fixed incorrect function of “Track effects” setting
- fixed the bug where the setting of “horizontal stabilization in sniper mode” didn’t get saved correctly
- fixed the random freezing of the client on the loading screen
- fixed the reload sound
- fixed the platoon chat window display when you left the platoon
- fixed some focus issues with hangar elements
- fixed the chat recording when watching replays
 WT E-100 was not touched
- tier 8 and 9 tank destroyers recieved some nerfs, specifically the gun traverse (turret rotation) from 24 to 18, tier 8 recieved a nerf on hull turnrate (42 to 38), same goes to tier 9 (40 to 36)
- the “visual model changes” are actually just some shadows on the hull, absolutely nothing visible at first glance
From Storm’s answers regarding this topic:
- there will be no separate rework specifically for BIA, it will only happen if the perks are globally reworked
- Storm states the global rework of perks and skills might happen: he’ll revise the old ones, think of new ones, but this will not happen anytime soon, there are other more important issues in game
- Storm states that the current WT E-100 will be the same case as the FV215 183, where everyone whined that it’s overpowered and in the end it turned out not to be the case
- T-44-85 will not be released in 8.9 apparently, devs decided to rebalance it (buff it) so it’s playable, they are discussing what to buff, but of course it’s about the penetration
- Storm confirms the encounter on Mountain Pass will be disabled
- some buildings on the new map are not destructible while they should be, it’ll be fixed

Remodeling Waffentrager E100

Remodeling T57 Heavy

Remodeling PzVI Tiger I


- Q: “Will there be an automatic platoonmember search (SS: like in 7/42) for platoons, based on rating too?” A: “I am not for rating, but for winrate”
- Q: “Can I hope for more premium medium tanks in 0.9.0 or 0.9.1, since the Chinese lately got one?” A: “You can hope, but we don’t guarantee the result and we won’t tell in advance”

- according to SerB, there is a huge imbalance in the game when it comes to perks (SS: specifically BIA), apparently the fact that the BIA nerf could seriously damage KV-5 (SS: radioman dies often) is not a factor
- developers will decide, whether to disable Sixth Sense when the commander dies (SS: apparently, currently the perk works even with the commander dead), there are also “questions” when it comes to repair, camouflage and firefighting skill, everything will be checked “as a whole”
- it’s possible that if there is a big revision of all skills and perks, a free skill/perk reset will come with it
- SerB states that a tank popularity only counts as a secondary indicator in balancing, primary is the winrate
- for now, the developers will not release any new info on Chinese tank destroyers, but there was a SU-122-54 analogue developed in China
- T28 will most likely not become an optional hull for the T95 TD (“if we did that from the start with optional hulls, it would probably be like that, but now I really doubt it”)
- there are no plans to allow two or three consumables of the same type on tank (repair kit + gold repair kit don’t count)
- SerB on WoT development priorities: “First is always the fixing of critical bugs. At this moment, it is followed by improved graphics along with client optimization and then it’s new game modes.”
- it’s possible ZIS-30, M56 Scorpion and ASU-57 will appear in the game
- for now, more maps will not be added to the announced ones for 7/42, later – SerB: “I’ll see”
- ingame IS-3 turret armor was based on this document
- there will most likely be no tier 5-6 premium German heavies (SerB states that there is a problem overall with German heavies on that tier) (SS: VK6501?)
- which nations will get new premium tanks with high probability? “No comment”
- it’s possible the Japanese Chi Nu Kai parameters will change within the test period
- SerB “didn’t notice” that the Japanese crew portraits look more hand-drawn and similiar to one another
- apparently, the Lorraine 40t frontal upper plate is not historical, it won’t be fixed for now
- SerB states that the optional hulls (if they come) will not be introduced all at once, but gradually (SS: thanks god)
- apparently, Hunter, Patton Valley and Lion of Sinai-like medals will not be introduced for other nations, as the top tiers of other nations (SS: for example France) were never destroyed en masse