Sunday, October 20, 2013

Patch 8.9 Test Server - Chi-Nu-Kai Tier 5 Premium

Tigers In The Mud - EBook

The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius.

First Days Of Operation Barbarossa (graphic content)

Skin Type 58 Anime

Skin Type 58 Anime

Skin StuG III Anime

WoT Tank Viewer 0.8.8


- SerB states that there were three official letters (from official adress) from German authorities regarding the Wittman medal, they won’t be made public though
- SerB openly states that there is (and always was) more XP reward for kills than just for damage done (SS: odd, I thought damage was rewarded and not kills, a player made “experiment” states that a kill XP bonus is worth roughly 500 damage dealt OR damage dealt after your spotting, what the hell?)
- in personal rating, your average vehicle tier won’t play a role in the future
- SerB confirms that top guns are not always “the best”, in some cases there are two alternative “equal” setups (SS: as in the new WT line, where you can play both a 128mm or 150mm guns on high tiers), but not always
- amphibious tanks won’t be implemented for now, there was an idea to implement them as premium vehicles without the ampbhibious parts (SS: floaters, boat boarding and such), but this idea was scrapped for “a number of reasons”

Skin FCM 36Pak40 & 105 leFH18B2

German Medium HD Skin Pack