Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New 7v7 Game Mode

Patch 8.9 Preview - Sturer Emil Tier 7 Tank Destroyer

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Map Tactics - Komarin

Sniper Scope By Marsoff + BioNick

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- SerB states that WoT won’t be transferred to a new game engine, it would increase the costs and reduce the speed of development
- there has been a project to put a gun more powerful than the BL-9 on IS-3: the D-83
- a high power 122mm gun was tested on an IS-2 (more powerful than the D-25)
- there were plans to equip the Tigers with engines more powerful than the 700hp one, for example an 870hp Maybach, there were even more advanced engines, but not for Tiger – by the time they were developed, Tiger was already replaced by Tiger II (and in future by E-75)

- a non-penetrating HE explosion (on armor) can also set an engine on fire (modules get damaged even if the shell doesn’t penetrate)
- repair kit doesn’t fix only the equipment function, but also its hitpoints
- for now the devs haven’t had time to discuss the perk/skill rebalance issues
- there is no additional bonus for critting enemy gun barrel than for damaging other modules
- Q: “How high will be the maximum speed of the new tier 10 French heavy without autoloader?” A: “As high as I implement it”
- Q: “I’d like to see Soviet tanks with autoloaders, why aren’t there any?” A:”Because the Soviets didn’t bother with autoloaders”
- the fact that a skill training is non-linear (first few percent require least XP and the last percent requires most XP to train) was made with the intent of skill starting to work faster and the average skill level related to period of time being higher
- SerB states that oscillating turrets and autoloaders are so good in the game, because reliability does not play a role in WoT. This is intentional, as the developers do not want the player to “fight their own tank”, lower real life reliability of components is sometimes implemented as lower amount of module hitpoints for example
- the fact you disable the encounter and assault modes has no influence on map selection
- Soviet autocannon Sh-37 penetration values were taken from tests conducted under 60 degrees and not 90 degrees (they are not historical), because with the 90 degrees pen the gun would be way too overpowered
- based on previous questions, a player asks where else is the penetration lower than historical, SerB replies that it’s like that with many premium shells for example
- SerB states that while the hull drawings for IS-3 on the internet are fully adequate, the drawings of the turret armor are quite complicated and that’s why they haven’t been laid out
- 122mm U-11 was not proposed for KV-2, it’s in the game as a stock gun for balance reasons
- SerB states that even though there is a new trend on RU server (players intentionally playing bad to have worst stats possible), the thing that will be punished will be these players’ individual transgressions, not the trend as a whole
- at this moment, it is not planned for shells to cause weak armor zones (SS: as in, a shell damages armor and the spot will be easier to penetrate), apparently this was planed until closed testing, it’s possible it might appear in the future, but SerB states the problem with this would be player perception (“how the hell did they penetrate that spot with a weak gun”)
- there will be no “special” tank destroyer vehicle usable only in 7/42
- it’s possible the Panther II from Patton museum (SS: Panther II hull with Panther Ausf.G turret) will make it to the game, perhaps as an optional hull
- SerB and Storm confirm that T-44-85 will NOT be in 8.9, it’s too weak and requires more testing, apparently the penetration will be buffed
- apparently the function where you can add your own notices to your friend list contacts has been considered, but it’s impossible for some reason to transfer it server-side

Great European Random #5

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