Thursday, October 24, 2013


Epic Win MT's


- there is no special MM for platoons
- the D-83 gun is not planned for World of Tanks (SS: Soviet experimental gun projected for IS-3, if I recall correctly with like 380mm pen)
- Soviet “konisch” type squeezebore guns (for example the S-40 with 76-57mm) are not planned

- apparently, the ARL-44 armor and engine horsepower are correct in game, wikipedia (SS: well, at least the Russian one) has it wrong
- WoWp won’t apparently have plans with 80-100mm guns
- SerB states that the autoloader vehicles implementation in WoT is okay
- the number reload timer in 8.9 is not based on any mod, it was made from scratch
- more functions, allowed by mods (SS: for example custom healthbars and such) do not appear in the game because their usefulness is “questionable”. When asked, who decides what is questionable, SerB replies that WoT is not a democracy and the developers decide what is useful and what is not
- XP gain when someone else is scouting: when damage done is equal, both TD/tanks and arty get the same amount of XP
- there are no camo mechanism changes in 8.9
- there is a small XP bonus for surviving a battle, but SerB states it’s not much
- there is already a rough concept for the European tech tree, but it’s very premature, SerB states that it is analogical a bit to the way Chinese tanks added (SS: as in, there are some local versions of existing tanks, just like China has for example the Chinese Chi-Ha)
- according to SerB, the F1 turret and not the prototype turret was picked for ARL-44, because there were very little differences between this turret and the regular one
- price of a shell is not determined by the shell power apparently (SS: that’s why the Chinese 122mm HEAT shells were not made cheaper, even though their penetration was nerfed)
- there is already a concept how to handle the European tech tree crews, it will be disclosed when the time is right
- apparently, there will be no special permanent reward for the best damage dealer of the losing team in randoms (as an improvement to the “courageous resistance”)
- there will be at least one more patch in 2013 apart from 8.9