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Battle For Staliningrad

AT-8 Iron Wall

8.9 Zoom In/Out Mod x1 - x30 (10 positions)

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Camera Stabilization Mod

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

100% Crew Without Gold

8.9 Enemy Viewing Direction Mod

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Zoom Mod x1 -x128 (10 positions)

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Damage Indicator By qdly

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Black Edges Remover By Locastan

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Transparent Interface By KillerEnte94

8.9 Info Panel By Dellux

Unzip and copy to WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Control Point Mod

Unzip and copy to WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Railroad Car's Mod

Unzip and copy to WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

Skin IS-2

Skin 110

Skin T30 Anime


- having occasional FPS drops to 2-7 FPS? “Vacuum clean the computer”
- the reason for module saving throws is lower tier tanks having a fighting chance against hightier ones
- when the KV-1S is split into two tanks, the statistics will probably stick with the tier 6 tank, because most of the battles were played with the big guns anyway
- the aimtime in WoT is there to simulate accurate aiming by the crew
A bit of info about CW from Overlord, quite interesting:
“Regarding the Clan Wars, there are big plans for that mode to make it more accessible for players, which includes separation of CW into regular global map and another submode which is going to be less exhaustive in terms of time and effort – at the same time providing a new type of gameplay (garage battles). Plus, the game still needs a more accessible end-game mode than Clan Wars, possible with PvE element – survival, moba, coop, or smth similar. Don’t see a problem with T10 being awarded in CWs as long as they don’t offer better performance comparing to regular vehicles.”
“7/42 appeared to be the most succseful form of competitive play which doesn’t mean we are not going to try T10 in esport in future. And again see above for end-game.”

Skin FCM 50t Anime

Skin Object 140

Skin Object 416

Remodeling T1 Heavy

Flag Mod

Remodeling Bat Chatillon 25 t To Merkava IV


.- SerB on why WG won Golden Joystick despite the overwhelmingly negative response on RU forums: “It’s simply because the whiners are always more active”
- Slava Makarov (main WoT producer) states he didn’t know in advance WoT would win
- historical battles will have gold ammo (and it won’t be limited apparently)
- teamdamage/teamkill automated system doesn’t track teamdamage done to certain classes (SS: as in, whether for example arty gets more teamdamage)
- it’s possible the tier 5 KV-1S will have also a 122mm gun, but it’s a short gun (S-41, something like the KV-1 U-11)

- the White Tiger-like events (SS: a promo action a year or two ago, when the players were fighting a “White Tiger” supertank as a promo to the White Tiger movie) aren’t done for organizational reasons anymore
- player view from inside a tank is not planned
- apparently LT’s as a class are not dying and won’t be buffed
- yesterday, SerB wasn’t celebrating the Golden Joystick victory, he was celebrating his son’s 20th birthday
- SerB is fine with the fact WG won the Golden Joystick again, but he feels indifferent to it
- tier 10 heavies rebalance? “As always – when necessery”
- special “national” soundtrack (SS: as in tunes) for tanks of various nations? “Possible, but won’t be implemented for now”
- Chi Nu Kai will most likely not appear in the ingame magazine before the Japanese branch is released (SS: that implies Japanese branch is scheduled for 0.9.0)
- the statistics of how much certain tanks are getting critted is not collected continuously, it’s possible to collect it on demand, as it is too requiring (expensive) to collect it all the time
- the terrain passability of Object 140 and T-62A is “roughly equal”
- apparently a Capture the Flag mode won’t be implemented
- WoT having the same aim reticles as WoWp? “We are still seeking the optimal solution for WoWp”
- there was an obscure “IS model 1940″ tank, apparently with a BR-2 152mm gun, this however won’t be implemented, SerB states that it’s equal to the SU-100Y
- before, there was an idea of making a new medium branch from a KV-13 tank, SerB however states that the tier 9 tank proposed for this branch was scrapped (unspecified reason) and so the developers decided to cancel the whole branch and to enter its proposed tier 10 as a CW reward tank (Object 907)
- apparently, the guns in Jagdtiger 88 and Nashorn were not identical, they only had the same ballistic properties
- SerB states that KV-1S will indeed turn into two tanks at first (tier 5 KV-1S and tier 6 KV-85/100/122) (KV-122 with D-25T will NOT be a tier 7 tank). However, later, KV-1S will merge with KV-1 as a hull option for KV-1, so in the end there will be just KV-1 and KVsomething
- the solution to sell new premium tanks only via gift shop was accepted because “it’s easier to control them that way in case one proves to be overpowered”
- it was “always possible” to make non-square maps (for example 500×2000), but this won’t be implemented
- apparently it’s possible to make two teams balanced without both teams having the same amount of tanks, this is considered for historical battles
- Q: “How do I make the crew appear in a hangar?” A: “Buy a hangar and hire a crew” :)
- in the 7/42 mode, player skill is balanced to an enemy player skill: the mechanism that automatically adds players to your team does NOT add players matching the skill of the team
- in 7/42, randomly assembled teams will play against manually assembled ones too
- the option to hide player stats was scrapped because “it’s pointless”
- it won’t be possible to hide one particular tank from your stats
- a reliability of certain parts of vehicles is modelled by the amount of module HP (SS: as in, in real life an unreliable engine will have low hitpoints)

Skin T-28

Skin VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B

Sniper Scope By CMEPTb_u3_KyCTOB_

Remodeling E-100 to Mausturm

Skin Panther M10

Skin Lowe Leibstandarte

Skin Indien Panzer

Skin E-100