Tuesday, October 29, 2013

8.9 WoT Tweaker Plus

Special edition of WoT Tweaker specially made for Jove Mod Pack. Unfortunately it's in Russian but I'll enplane step by step how and what to do.
So why bother?

This tweaker contains a special module that can compress textures thus making the game run much smoother.

Let's start:
From this location download WoT Tweaker Plus. Unzip and run WoTTweakerPlus_089_v11.zip. You will get this window:

Let's see what is what.
Starting from the top:

In the first box enter the correct path to main game folder (fig. 1.). When you do that correctly the rest of the boxes will become active.

Check in/out boxes (check in to disable effect) (fig. 2):

- smoke from the exhaust pipe
- smoke from destroyed tanks
- smoke and flames after shooting
- explosion effects
- tank hit effect
- tank destruction effect
- object hit effect
- object destruction effect
- trees moving (wind effect on trees)
- clouds
- start screen
- remove idiots from team (it's a joke, it wont help :) )

So far this is the same what you get from the usual WoT Tweaker.

Now the interesting part. Texture compression (fig. 3). Press the fall down menu and you will get this:

The slider is automatically set to OFF (fig. 1 second picture), choose how much compression do you need and hit the button (fig. 2 second picture)


- apparently, client and server shell trajectories can actually differ from one another, but just for a tiny bit
- it’s completely possible for the server aim circle to aim with different speed as the client aim circle, it’s usually the fault of poor internet and packet loss
- the “three caliber rule” for HEAT shells was cancelled “so that the player wouldn’t hear ‘we didn’t penetrate their armor’, when hitting thin surfaces under sharp angles (88-89 degrees), because the effective armor of even nominally thin armor (20-30mm) is very thick and the shell doesn’t penetrate it anyway due to the lack of penetration. In fact, nothing has changed, only the players will now hear a honest ‘ricochet’ instead of ‘didn’t penetrate their armor’. For other types of shells there is no need to cancel this rule”
- the aim circle spread when the tank is moving, the circle spread after shooting and the circle spread after moving the gun/turret are three different parameters, that can stack
- French tanks have more camo than other tanks? “We don’t comment on leaks”
- SerB states that in real life, Object 416 was classified both as a medium tank and a SPG, it was made a medium tank in order to fit the branch


8.9 Texture Compression By Kir_Vik

Update on the old post. This version is for 8.9. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: This is not the usual AHuMex compressor. AHuMex stopped making his compressor from patch 8.8. This is from a new author, so far works absolutely the same.  

A lot of people have the same problem - old computer or fable laptop. So, can WoT work on something that is not top notch PC machine? The answer is YES. This little program will compress your game textures to 25% or to 3%. At 25% you will get at least 50% higher frame rate, at 5% at least 70%. At 25% compression the game looks the same, at 3% it looks bad but you can play WoT even on a netbook with Atom processor.

Compression on 25%:

Compression on 3%:

Unzip and copy the content of folder"szhatye-textury-X-0.8.9" to "World_of_Tanks\res\packages\" double click on Kir_Vik_autoinstall_0.8.9_only.bat file. Command Prompt window will open and the compression will start. This will take about 5-15 minutes. After the Command Prompt window closes by itself restart the computer and play...
Since update 8.6 alot of people had problems with game crashing after compresssion. One of the most common reasons was unupdated DirectX.

(important: the textures that I added on the 04.11.13., instalation is tottaly the same but you start the compressor with "pack.bat" file)

Update on the crashing:
Just installed 3% compression, it works (and pls I'm not bullshitting you). First time I started the game it crashed just as yo said. Next time I started the game in "STANDARD" graphics mod and set all options to low and then did the compression and it works. 80+ fps (1080p) on a AMD A6-3670 (integrated graphics).

So, apparently we need to first set all graphics to low and graphic engine to standard and then run the damn thing.


Updated textures:

Download Link 3%

Download Link 25%

8.9 Light Filter

Best fog, bloom and other crap remover.

8.9 Max FarPlane Mod

8.9 White Dead Tanks (included destroyed tanks on maps)

8.9 Damage Indicator By Dikey93

8.9 Damage Indicator By GreenWarriors, RazNaRok

8.9 Paintball Mod

8.9 Damage Indicator By proVitter, zx80

8.9 Damage Panel By Dellux, demon2597, Shtys, STL1te

8.9 Sniper Scope By Marsoff


- according to SerB less than 30 percent of all players are in any clans
- there is some development of the visibility system being conducted. A player suggested the visibility system to encompass the view vectors of various crewmen (for example: the driver can see only forward), but Storm wrote such a thing (limited fields of view by crewmen) won’t be implemented. SerB adds that he’d actually like to have that, but he’s afraid that if they do that, there will be much confusion amongst the players regarding the visibility system
- BT-5 will most likely appear as an alternative hull
- rocket-carrying BT (“land torpedo”) will not appear most likely as a gun option
- WG is not aware of any project of a TD/SPG, built on AMX-40 chassis
- new high tier 8 premium with high alpha (490+) planned? “If there ever is such a plan, I will tell”
- apparently, visibility checks consume about 2/3 of server resources
- it’s possible to see someone who is online on another server as offline in your friend list – during peak times (when the server switches to “performance mode”), a share of data that is normally shared between servers stops being shared and this is one of its effects
- an undisclosed Russian historical source states that at least one Tiger took place in the Hoth’s assault to break the Stalingrad encirclement – it was allegedly destroyed by a 76mm Zis-3 gun. SerB states that it’s most likely not true – it was probably a Panzer IV with armor screens or something like that, he also adds that such a confusion (calling all the enemy tanks Tigers) was not uncommon. (SS: that is true, for example several accounts of Slovak National Uprising from people who fought in it call pretty much every SPG a “Ferdinand” – if these accounts were true, there were more Ferdinands destroyed in the SNU than there were ever produced)
- there were Soviet turretted tank destroyer projects (for example a T-34 hull with an open turret and 53-K gun (45mm M1937)), but they won’t be implemented for now
- Q: “Why do developers on one hand claim to fight sealclubbing and on the other hand they hand out tier 2/3 tanks en-masse?” A:”It’s the lesser evil” (SS: take that as you will)
- according to the developers it’s good and normal that there are various gameplay styles throughout the tiers, as it allows the players to pick the gameplay that suits them: “Simply play the game that suits you. I for example prefer tier 8-10″
- gun damage is basically arbitrary, it’s a balance parameter (no point in asking “why does gun A have more alpha than gun B”)
- other balance parameters include tank hitpoints, module hitpoints and other characteristics, that don’t exist in real life
- equipment, increasing the amount of ammo carried will not be implemented, other ways of carrying more ammo won’t be implemented for now either
- SerB states that WG would give out the T7 Combat Car even if WoT didn’t win, “as a reward for voting”

8.9 Vehicle Changes

Panzerjäger I
  • Reworked the collision model.
  • Terrain resistance of suspension Panzerjäger I on hard surfaces reduced by 8%.
  • Terrain resistance of suspension Panzerjäger I on medium surfaces reduced by 7%.
  • Turnrate of the chassis Panzerjäger I verstärkteketten changed from 34 to 36 deg/s.
  • Terrain resistance of suspension Panzerjäger I verstärkteketten on hard surfaces reduced by 8%.
  • Added the radio station FuG Spr. A.
  • View range Panzerjäger I changed from 320 m to 330 m.
  • Aimtime of the gun 3,7 cm Pak (t) L/47 changed from 1,5 secs to 1,7 secs
  • Amount of ammo carried for the gun 3,7 cm Pak (t) L/47 changed from 96 to 160 units.
  • Elevation of the gun 3,7 cm Pak (t) L/47 changed from 12 to 10 degrees.
  • Aim circle spread for the gun 3,7 cm Pak (t) L/47 after shooting increased by 17%.
  • Aimtime of the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43 changed from 2 secs to 1,7 secs
  • Amount of ammo carried for the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43 changed from 86 to 84 units.
  • Aim circle spread for the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43 after shooting increased by 17%.
  • Aim circle spread for the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43 when moving the gun reduced by 33%.
  • Aim circle spread for the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43 changed from 0,37 m to 0,35 m.
  • Removed the gun 5 cm PaK 39 L/60.
  • Traverse rate for the gun Panzerjäger I changed from 44 to 26 deg/s.
50mm PaK 39 was removed, because it was unhistorical. It was replaced by the gun 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43. We tried to rebalance the vehícle so that its combat capability remained the same.

8.9 Hangar for November 28

8.9 Hangar New Year

8.9 Halloween Hangar

8.9 Hangar for November 11

8.9 Hangar for November 8

Skin M46 Patton

Jove Mod Pack 8.9