Wednesday, October 30, 2013

8.9 STING RETRO Sniper And Arty Scope

Unzip and copy to /WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Deegie’s Sniper Sights

8.9 Sniper Scope By zayaz

Unzip and copy to /WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Sniper Scope With Armour Indicator By Dellux (Shtys)

Unzip and copy to /WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Sniper Scope By kiril_oreshkin

Unzip and copy to /WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 Gun Restraints By Dellux

Unzip and copy to /WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

8.9 WoT Tweaker

8.9 MeltyMap Sniper Scope

8.9 2 Row Carousel

8.9 Tank Icons By betax

8.9 Tank Icons

8.9 3 Row Carousel By 4lCapwn, CS2001, locastan

8.9 Berlin Hangar


- regarding the spaced armor being ripped off by shell impacts: it doesn’t concern only Havoc, it concerns also the game mechanism in general
- not all tanks will get optional spaced armor (SS: as a hull upgrade or a module, not sure), only those that had them in real life, that doesn’t however mean they had to have them fitted in a factory (apparently, vehicles that were field conversions in real life have a chance of appearing too), paper vehicles will get additional optional spaced armor only if necessery
- T-35 will apparently not appear before the multiturret mechanism is implemented (“that would be pointless”)
- apparently, more vehicle info (like the exact type of enemy vehicle) won’t be added to minimap, according to SerB the minimap would be unreadable that way (SerB states this won’t be implemented even as optional, because instead of implementing it the developers prefer to implement stuff useful to casual players)
- when a bunch of allied tanks hit the enemy tank at the same time, the damage “adds” and only one amount of hitpoints gets deducted (SS: as in, one tank hits for 150 and the other for 140 at the same time – both see that the enemy vehicle loses 290 hitpoints), it is possible to separate it, but it won’t be done in order not to spam the player with too much info
- camera viewpoint (from where what you see is calculated) is located in the geometrical center of the tank
- the abovementioned center changes its position only when the tank is moving (SS: in other words, it doesn’t matter where you turn the turret, it will still be the same)
- a special visibility check (whether you are visible or not) takes place when the tank stops and when it starts moving
- installing a wet ammo rack apparently doesn’t increase your ramming damage (SS: it’s not as stupid question as it sounds: wet ammo rack has a certain weight, that adds to the mass of the vehicle, increasing the damage done by the vehicle based on its weight by cca 1 percent, however, this increased mass also causes the vehicle to go slower, so all in all it’s the same)
- visual camo works only on maps of that respective type (summer camo on summer maps etc.) – however: it is NOT true that if you buy only one (for example only summer camo), it will not work at all (there was such a rumor)

8.9 Color Messages and Session Stats By Locastan

8.9 J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod

8.9 J1mB0′s Contour Icon Mod

8.9 Scope Shadow Removal

8.9 Base Hangar Into Premium For Free

Hello guys,

I'm sure you're aware that you can find a lot of premium hangar mods out there. So, why is this special?
Because with this mod, your tank will face in the right direction!
The tank's facing direction is different if you have a standard or a premium account (technically, the garage's direction is opposite). So if you're a standard user and you swap some files to get the premium hangar, your tank won't face towards the exit, as it is in the original premium garage... unless with some tricks, which this mod uses :) 
Screenshot :


Extract the folders to your actual mod folder (res_mods/0.8.9)
Enjoy your premium hangar, comrades! :)