Friday, November 1, 2013

8.9 Sniper & Arty Blue Light

8.9 Base in the Wood (hangar mod) By Shtys, AleksLee

WoT Tank Viewer

Minimalistic Black hangar By Hellinger

8.9 Sniper Scope Blue Light By Shtys + Akwotker

8.9 Sniper & Arty Scope By DIKEY93

8.9 Sniper & Arty By zayaz, MR_TEZ

8.9 Sniper Scoper by 40tonn

Storm On 8.9 Crashes - Works As Intended

“There are rumors going around that in 8.9 there is a big number of crashes. We already checked 400 complaints on the subject and for now, they all were connected with incorrectly working mods.”
Storm then asks Russian players, whether they experience crashes and whether they are using mods or not. Players that do have problems generally report they are using Joves modpack and XVM, Storm answers that the modpack has a lot of issues and it’s better not to use it, apparently XVM is problematic also. Amway921′s mods are also problematic.


Looks like despite the previous announcement, the EU language fail (English portal in Polish and vice versa with a random sprinkle of German) is alive and well. Good job, EU guys :)
Apparently, WG Minsk loves to celebrate Halloween
Also, World of Tanks: Blitz might apparently have infantry.
- there is indeed a bug in the average XP gain display, it will be fixed
- the Lowe weight decrease will have an impact on the vehicle dynamics (agility, acceleration etc.), but only a small one
- Japanese tank names will be written in latin (in RU client presumably), but based on the Japanese transliteration system
- apparently the crash issues (client crashing in Missions window and 7/42 battles) were not happening in common test
- according to Storm, many client crashes are the fault of faulty (obsolete) mods
Storm describes how Lowe was buffed:
“So, there was the Lowe not bothering anyone. So I was browsing the other day new forum topics (it’s kinda my tradition) and I saw another ‘Lowe needs buff!’ whinetopic. I opened it and checked it out. Then I asked the balancing department: ‘Where is the scan from Doyle’s book?’, balancers sent it to me, I posted it in the topic. At first people calmed down, but they soon started asking ‘And why is the weight different from the one in the table? and the amount of shells? And the depression too?!! And why is the armor in the table 80/100?’ So I took it to the balancing department and they said ‘we balanced Lowe like 100 years ago, maybe we made a mistake’. So I asked ‘Is it difficult to bring the Lowe to the table specs? Would it affect balance a lot?’ The answer was ‘Not difficult, shouldn’t affect balance much. We just don’t know what to do with side armor.’ ‘Okay, find out about the side armor and change it in one of the patches.’ ‘For the armor, we asked Moran (SS: Chieftain, US historian), he asked Doyle and Doyle answered that the 100mm is upper part of the side.’ ‘Will it break the balance?’ ‘No’ ‘Ok, change the sides too.’ ‘Ok.’”
- KV-5 is doing fine statistically, it was specifically checked recently
- apparently, there were errors in recalculating the personal rating after 7/42 battles
- T-44-85 will not come out in 0.9.0
- in roaming the inscriptions will be automatically disabled because various servers apparently have different inscriptions
- it’s not yet clear how soon will roaming come, tests are underway
- camouflage will work during roaming
- Storm states that regarding the roaming, the situation in Asia is problematic, Japanese and Koreans don’t like each other
- Chinese server is independent on Wargaming and Storm states that they can do practically whatever they want

Skin Nashorn

Skin Waffentrager IV