Saturday, November 2, 2013

8.9 Compact Vertical Tech Tree Installer (for every resolution)


- the WT E-100 has a nominal turret back armor of 8mm in its stats, but that doesn’t refer to the back of the turret, but to its roof
- Storm states it doesn’t matter whether you call this patch 0.8.9 or 8.9 (“whatever you like more”), but WG utilizes the 8.9 version more
- Storm confirms that balance in 7/42 battles is based on special 7/42 rating, that is based only on your performance in 7/42 battles, which means there haven’t been enough battles played yet and that the stats are lacking. After a week or two, the stats will be there and the rating will start to show real value and the 7/42 battles (skill MM) will work much smoother
- for current 7/42 skill MM, regular personal rating is NOT used, it’s “survival of the fittest” according to Storm
- there is no specified coefficient for the difference between camo factor while standing and camo factor while moving for any one class, apparently it’s tuned individually for each tank (SS: a player mentions that according to experiments, heavies lose 50 percent camo while moving on average, mediums lose 25 percent of camo when moving and TD’s lose 40 percent of their camo while moving).
- Christie tanks won’t appear for now
- a ricocheted shell cannot damage another vehicle apparently: there are technical reasons for this decision: one shell hitting two tanks would somehow disrupt the server processes
- the fact the engine fire doesn’t kill crewmen is a gameplay decision

map “Kharkov” is being made with all sorts of nice historical fluff, like fires, smoke in the distance and airplanes passing overhead. Apart from Kharkov maps, there will be Minsk and K√∂nigsberg historical city maps. They will have historical buildings modelled specially for those maps. These maps will be built on historical sources.
- Japanese tanks will not be OP – don’t expect imbalanced vehicles. But many Japanese tanks will have really good depression
- there will be no special maps for assault and encounter modes
- maps will be made more “life-like” and atmosphere will be added – burning tanks and such, so the player feels like he’s on a battlefield
- there will be a HD client with lots of graphic improvements, like turrets and pieces of tank (like boxes) being ripped off by fire, reflections etc. The amount of polygons and quality of textures will be improved. There will be new layers of textures, that will look properly under different light – grass will be grass, mesh will be mesh etc. There will also be independent suspension. This will be possible to disable, new computers will be able to work with it, old computers will be able to work with graphic level as it is now

- 7/42 started very well and a LOT of players play it, more than WG expected.
- garage battles will come (in some special way, not just as garage battles)
- small things currently only in mods will also be added, such as traverse angles in aim circle, improved tank selection (carousel) in garage etc.
- WT E-100 is not overpowered: it gets oneshotted and dies soon
- apparently, the developers managed to fix the bug, where you don’t see a silhouette of enemy tank when hiding behind a wreck, it will be fixed in a patch (next?)
- WG understands that the players are fed up with nerfs and tries to find a better way of balancing vehicles
- there is a plan to reduce HEAT shell damage: they will penetrate more, but damage less, but is just one of the options and it will happen in very far future
- top Japanese vehicle will resemble the Leopard
- Japanese heavy top tank will come later
- there are plans to increase the render range and to increase the gun range: “If the tank gets to shoot on 700 meters, the gun accuracy value will be much stronger”
- CW will be integrated into the client
- there will be a new mode for clans, for participation in it “the clan won’t have to have many people and very skilled players”
- hardcore mode “like in War Thunder” is not planned for now, but not completely scrapped either
- WG is working on new sounds
- lowtier arty will get another buff, but not much (there is a fear of overbuffing)
- there are statistic issues with some vehicles, WG is aware of that and will consider solutions
- according to Storm, especially autoloader tanks are very skill-sensitive
- visual will be reworked, various limits will be removed, like roadwheels not being covered in camo
- according to Storm, the accuracy buff had some unintended consequences, but as a whole it was necessery
- camo system will be reworked, for example bushes will no longer be boxes, but will have round shapes for camo purposes
- WG will try to make it so that players, using mods have less problems with each new patch. It’s possible a special source for “approved” mods will come next year
- patches in 2014 will be mixed, eg. along with new tanks there will be interface changes (SS: in 2013 there was a formal division between “technical” and “content” patches)
- one of the reasons hardcore mode won’t be implemented are cheat mods
- there are plans for American medium branch, French mediums and heavies, British medium branch, Sturmtiger branch – those are the groups from which the tanks will be picked for 2014 patches, in 2014 we will see approximately 3 new branches
- the reason for not so many tanks being implemented is that the rework of old tanks to new models is in motion, plus WG understands that before new tanks are added, it’s needed to deal with current issues
- there will be TD assault guns! With them the option of disabling the horizontal autoaim will come, so you can lob huge slow powerful shells over hills
- WG is waiting for more infos from German archives, as it is believed more German monsters are hiding there
And from discussion (Storm appeared even there, he’s everywhere!)
- there will be an active rangefinder (measuring range to everything, not just enemy tanks)
- new Chinese will most likely not come in 2014 at all
- the disabled horizontal autoaim will be a separate aiming mode “like in Battlefield”

8.9 Tracer Mod

Enhances visibility for all tracers.