Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Perfect Tank For Camping

How To Be Useless #10

KV-2 Tier 6 Heavy Tank - Herp-a-Derp!


Remodeling Marder III


- developers managed to fix the old and annoying issue with tank silhouettes not displaying properly when you are hidden behind/watching the target from behind another destroyed/live tank
- developers continue to deal with the crashes in 8.9, Storm states that 99,9 percent of them are connected with mods and the remaining percentage doesn’t exceed the usual crash rate in any patch, in connection with various reasons for various players: drivers, other software, hardware issues etc. – nevertheless, the developers will continue to work on finding patterns in non-mod crashes and the reasons for them
From the discussion:
- the Japanese will come in next patch
- driver-side forced anti-aliasing is not compatible with WoT
- apparently the changes above will not appear in 0.9.0 (the silhouette fix a developer version only apparently)
- apparently, the lags many people experienced after 0.8.9 were connected (at least on RU server) with “data route providers” (in Russian the word is “magistrala” – “highway”, I don’t know the proper English term)
- there is also a mechanism being tested, that automatically sends bug reports to WG when a client crashes
- 9.0 will contain “many interesting things”
- Storm confirms that T-44-85 will not appear in 9.0
- Storm has no info on EU server post-0.8.8 (or 0.8.9) lags yet
- according to SerB, the problem with LL Matilda and LL Chruchill is that they are used as regular tanks in the British branch
- Object 430 will come out “it’s done when it’s done”
- A-43 and A-44 actually have the same turret, (“A-44″), but in the game this same turret is registered as two different turrets with the same name, as there are no shared turret modules in WoT
- if you sold your Superpershing for gold and want it back, you can simply buy it for the same price it was sold for in the ingame shop

Great European Random #6