Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Epic Win TD's

8.9 Neon Tank Icons By Ser_Woin


- the developers are satisfied with the current concept of premium account (+50 percent creds and XP)
- premium account won’t be reworked, but there will be some PA features added (when it’s done it’s done)
- mass selling (selling in bulk in the depot and not by one item) and other UI features from WoWp might be transferred to WoT too
- Sturer Emil doesn’t have gold ammo on the 128mm gun, because it would be OP with it
- it’s possible other tanks will be released without gold ammo: “if necessery”
- unhistorical gold ammo will be removed from already existing tanks “if necessery”
- a player on losing team will (if he gets an achievement such as Top Gun) recieve the “courageous resistance” bonus (he will get the same amount of creds and XP as if he won) – this is calculated after the awards are assigned: if tank A gets 6 kills, earns 700XP and wins a battle and tank B on the other hand gets 6 kills, earns 500 XP (750 with resistance bonus), tank A will get the Top Gun (even though tank B got more XP with the CR bonus)

8.9 Hit Zones By GoHa.ru

8.9 Tank Icons By Jackhamme


- according to SerB, XP gained does not correlate directly with damage done
- capture points are displayed in statistics even when the battle was not won by capture, as they count towards achievements either way, such as the Leclerc medal
- no comment on how (or whether) the premium account will be improved (to compensate for the fact platoons and companies are available to everyone now)
- the reason renaming the crew members costs gold is the fact it is a visual change and has no influence on gameplay (no pay to win), it’s a cosmetic change
- the reason for thread marks (track marks) on the ground disappearing quickly is so they don’t occupy too much computer memory (optimization)