Wednesday, November 6, 2013

8.9 Damage Panel By Kodos + Dellux

Type 61



- because there is a prolonged weekend in Minsk (from tomorrow till Sunday), Cannoneer wrote me that people won’t be working since tomorrow and the FTR QA answers will be delayed. I will submit them later today, but the answers will not be available sooner than on Monday.
- WoT for OS X to appear earlier then War Thunder for OS X? “Time will tell”
- WoT is not considered a “historical” game according to SerB
- Q: “Are you doing something to improve the quality of the game? How much do you respect the work of your team, when you treat the game like this?” A: “Everyone knows we found the game in a dumpster and now are just cashing in”
- Q: “Who is the game made for, developers of players?” A: “Not idiots, that’s for sure!”
- WoT won’t be converted to OpenGL anytime soon
- Hurricanes (as in the British planes) will appear in WoWp
- new city maps maps Minsk, Kharkov and Konigsberg will appear in random battles too
- WoT API works on OS X using emulators (SS: no idea what that means or whether it is important)
- KV-4 in game is based on N.Dukhov’s design. It was picked because it is “most distinctive”
- there might be optional hulls even for “paper” tanks: for example it’s possible the E-50M will become an optional hull for E-50 and both will move to tier 10, but “paper tanks will have unlockable hulls only when really necessery”
- Object 430 prototype: “When it’s done it’s done”
- plans to use PaK 36(r) from Marder on other vehicles? “If there are any, I will tell”
- in historical battles the T-34/76 won’t be buffed to compete with Tigers in 1943 battles: “Either flank, or use ISU-152″
- FCM36 Marder I gun module too heavy? “How terrible”
- apparently perks rework don’t have exactly high priority
- the “detrack” XP bonus (shared XP) doesn’t apply when you knock out opponent’s engine and not tracks
- Dicker Max and Sturer Emil have identical guns, but their weight is different. The reason for it are different gun mounts

8.9 Premium Hangar By 70599

Skin AMX 105AM Anime

Skin SU-152 Anime

Skin T71 Anime

Remodeling Type 59 Anime