Thursday, November 7, 2013

Epic Win MT"s

Object 704 Mastery, We Meet At Last.


Skin Rhm-Borsig Waffentrаger

8.9 Color Tank Icons By Mixaver

8.9 Visibility and Lighting Mod


 SerB states that the S-70 gun could fit into IS-4 turret, but was not mounted in it in real life
- the IS-4 on tier 9 had the S-70 gun earlier (SS: as far as I remember, it was removed when IS-4 became tier 10), despite not being historical, it was there because “it was necessery”
- Chinese 59-16 light tank in game was based not only on drawings, there is allegedly a mock-up photo too
- WZ-131 85mm gun with “funny” muzzle brake: according to SerB this design was borrowed from the Americans
This is how it looks:

- SerB’s son doesn’t have much time to play WoT, as he is preparing for real army career, currently he is a part of the army volunteers:

- SerB states he’s not sure how much money can you make per one battle without premium account, he thinks it’s around 200 thousand credits
- you can catch a glimpse of a new hangar on the Chinese vehicle presentation pictures:

- SerB on which real life WW2 vehicles are still missing from WoT: “Well, there are no Brummbärs yet, some British, French are not complete. The same goes for Japanese, Italians and various others such as Swedes. But regarding the USSR, Germans and USA, almost all mass-produced vehicles are there. As we start to change the hulls (SS: introduce optional hulls) – there will be more modifications.”
- SerB states that there are 4 spotcheck points on the hull (SS: points that serve to check if your vehicle is visible or not – if one of them gets spotted, the entire vehicle gets spotted): center of front hull, center of rear hull, center of side hull – and 5 on the turret (front, rear, side centers + “roof”)
- it’s theoretically possible that if the points above are hidden, but for example a roadwheel sticks out, the tank won’t be spotted anyway (as the roadwheel is not a spotcheck point)
- damage by ricocheting shells won’t be implemented in order to save server resources and it’s something very rare (too rare to warrant development)
- tanks turning over (on their backs) will be implemented because it’s something not so rare that will happen more often
- the fact that after the Japanese branch there will be long break before new tanks are added is caused by the fact that the modellers (same people who work on new tanks) will work on improving old models for new HD client
- SerB states he’s fine with playing with Sixth Sense or without it
- SerB confirms next patch will be 8.10
- 8.10 will contain Japanese tanks and Object 430
- new chat system (reworked chat) will come in 2014, there are problems with it on serverside – it has problems with too many people online
- 9.0 will bring some improved graphics, but will come a bit later