Saturday, November 9, 2013


- SerB is not active on WoWp forums – he has no time for 2 forums – but in time he might move there
- captured Soviet Panzer IV (T-4) will most likely have the L/48 gun
- in time the same clans that exist in WoT will be enabled (ported into) WoWp
- clans will be unified in all 3 WG games
- Rheinmetall Waffentr├Ąger drowning too easily? “How terrible…”
- (connected with the WoWp and WoT clans unification), maxmimum amount of people in clans will be increased, but the amount of tokens for CWs will remain the same – this increase is to allow clans to recruit WoWp players
- Captured tanks will not work as premium tanks: theoretically, a captured tank could be equal to a regular elite tank of its tier in quality (doesn’t have to be weaker like a premium tank), but in case of T-4, it will most likely not have Panzer IV’s top engine
There is a MM rule: “Vehicles are put into teams based on collected team statistics in last half hour” – a developer explains what it means – basically, MM works so that it watches “typical” setups in last half an hour (for example, that there are usually 3 heavies in almost every fight) and when there is such a trend, MM will “prepare in advance” 3 heavy tank slots and fill them outside of the queue, which improves the MM speed.
This mechanism is used during arty hardcaps calculations: when using the “5 arty” hardcap (if there are enough arties, there used to be plenty before), extra arty is moved into the secondary queue, where it can stay for a long time. This happened when there were too man arties, now it is not actual anymore.