Sunday, November 10, 2013

8.9 XVM Updater 2.6

XVM Updater — the free program is taken with EU of a forum and intended for automatic installation of favourite extended visualization mod by all. More to you won’t have suffered with though not difficult, but quite dreary installation. The application automatically installs all; you do not even need to specify the folder where to throw the configs, of course, if you do not install World of Tanks is not by default.

RNG. No Comments. Episode 11

VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B

Skin T71

Skin IS-3 (4 skin pack)

8.9 Day-Night Mod


Overlord posted an interesting idea about MM rewards, go check it out :)
- SerB states that (regarding the WT Panzer IV) the Panzer IV chassis could carry a 128mm gun – he recommends to go and have a look at Waffentr├Ąger on 38(t) chassis in Kubinka, it also could hold the 128mm and 150mm gun
- angle of impact has no effect on track armor thickness (SS: in case you didn’t know, tracks do have an armor value, usually around 20mm)
- T14 appearing as the only tier 5 tank in tier 6 battles despite being too weak fort that? “How terrible…”

- SerB states that situation, where all crewmembers and modules are intanct but a tank “dies” anyway is realistic (SS: as in, in real life it would be breaking apart in seems from damage for example)
- when optional hulls become available, you won’t have to destroy both hulls to get the expert medal
- when multi-gun mechanism is implemented and Maus gets its 75mm gun, SerB states its game impact will be negligible
- Object 268 (heavy tank), Object 267 and Object 770 are not planned
- it’s possible second Soviet TD branch (with SU-152P and SU-152G) will appear
- initially, historical battles will most likely work as random battles, historical company battles might appear as second step
- the IS-3 in game doesn’t represent one exact version, various options are possible (including with IS-3M elements)
- IS-3 with various hulls will most likely appear. Optional hulls will start with the most obvious choices (such as various frontal armor on IS/IS-2 tanks), after that other optional hulls will be slowly added, but SerB adds that there won’t be ALL the hull variants of all the tanks in game (for example hulls where the only difference was an added towing cable)
- apparently the tier 10 Japanese heavy will be along the same lines of thought as Maus, but Maus will be heavier
- the reason there will be no tier 11 vehicles is: “We don’t want to make levelling up longer. We get money from more options, not from long grinds.”

8.9 Graphics Enhancer By Sevenmi007

Mod contains:
SweetFX 1.5.1:
-SMAA Anti-aliasing
Realistic Water Mod.
Mad Light Mod.
View Range Enhancer

Unzip and copy files to main game folder.