Monday, November 11, 2013

ST-I - Gameplay Review

Battle For Staliningrad



Storm posted another post on the developer blog, I will make a separate post for that.
- (caps and typos authentic) Q: “WITH SUCH MM HALF OF MY TEAM HAS 2-3K BATTLES AND ENEMIES HAVE 20-30K BATTLES WHERE IS JUSTICE YOU HAVE TO COUNT IN EVERYTHING AND NOT JUST TECH TIER, OR TO SEPARATE IN HALVES” A: “Thank you very much, we will definitely take your opinion in account, if we decide to change something :)”
- there is new info on Japenese heaviers, but for now it won’t be published
- FV4202 and 113 buffs? “If necessery”

- Chinese arty and TD branch: “It’s done when it’s done”
- new arties haven’t been added for quite a while due to “other priorities”
- new hightier light tanks: “it’s done when it’s done”
- Panzer IV Hydro, MTLS tankette and SU-85I are not planned to appear in shops, they are special “event” tanks, they won’t be obtainable via missions apparently
- when considering tanks for MM purposes, the only thing taken into account is whether the player had a long streak of games on the bottom of the team (SS: no, winrate is NOT considered, yes, people are still asking this shit)
- skill MM is theoretically possible to implement according to SerB, but in praxis it is not
- optional hulls will be tied to the current unlockable tracks (suspension)
- it’s possible a tank will have more than two optional hulls
- when you damage a viewport on a tank (damage, as in “yellow status” not destroy), it does not reduce that tank’s viewrange
- Americans did have rear-turret tank proposals, they won’t be introduced for now (Yoh tanks)
- when switching optional hulls, apparently the camo will transfer from one hull to another
- when switching optional hulls, it’s possible the decals (inscriptions )will change places
- it’s possible that destructable ground will appear, but that is not tied to HAVOK, that is the next stage of WoT engine development, it’s very complicated and very far away
- XboX WoT will have the same tanks as the regular WoT does, XboX account will not be tied to the PC WoT one
- on a scale of 1 to 10, the size (importance) of the Patch 1.0.0 for WoT will be “10″
- no new Soviet heavy branch is planned for now (too overpowered)
- official mod support is planned
Storm also reacted on a Russian post about the Winter Mod (I reported about it earlier) with following:
- (regarding the fact the mod has a falling snow effect): “Bigworld snow and rain is very hardware-requiring, right now we are finishing our own normal implementation of weather effects”
- (regarding the snow maps): “It’s not difficult to make snow textures, but that means that all the textures are there doubled and these textures represent two thirds of the size of the client. We need other methods for mass distribution. We are, by the way, also developing them”
- for the majority of all maps there will be several seasons available, several kinds of weather and several times of day (morning, day, evening)

Skin AT 7 Anime

Skin KV-5 Anime

Skin T32 Anime

8.9 Tank Icons By Druid, PolluxKer

Skin Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Anime

Object 430 V2


- ISU-130 (ISU with 130mm gun) won’t be implemented for now
- T-35 with additional spaced armor and 122/130/152/180mm guns is complete garbage according to SerB
- T-100 might appear in the game (but not with KV-2 turret)
- Soviet Panzer IV with 57mm ZIS gun has zero chance of appearing in game, no info on other two Soviet rearm projects (Panther with 85mm gun, Tiger with 100mm D-10T, yes – that plan existed)
- project variant of ISU-122 with 150mm frontal armor won’t appear as an optional hull
- shell velocity does not combine with the tank forward speed in the game (SS: as in, if the tank moves forward at 1 m/s and the shell flies at 300 m/s, this shell won’t fly at 301 m/s)
- the fact that T69 reloads its autoloader for 26s, T54E1 for 33s and T57 for 25s is due to the fact the T57 autoloading mechanism was more advanced
- S-Tank will not be implemented into WoT, because the developers would have to implement a mechanism especially for it. But if it was ever implemented, it would be a TD.
- WG is not using “agile development process” method (SS: sorry, no idea what that is, another option is “waterfall”), because for WG scale this method is not viable, they use classic methods
- WoWp loading window will possibly be added to WoT too
- Clanwars won’t be changed to 7/42 battle mode. It’s possible Clanwars will have an amount of players increased – for commanders, there will be a special command interface (a map) – “when it’s done it’s done”
- Japanese tanks that were produced but never fought might appear in historical battles, but not straight away
- Japanese tanks won’t have a special spall liner as their “national” equipment (SS: in real life, the Japanese tanks were padded inside with azbestos mesh to protect the crew from shrapnels and splinters)
- it’s completely possible some of the regular Japanese tanks will have improved Hara-type suspension
- so far there is not enough info on Japanese top TD’s