Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skin Pz Sfl IV

Skin T69 Kusanagi Motoko (GHOST IN THE SHELL)

Storm On 8.10

- if all goes well, next patch (8.10) will bring projectiles flying thru destructable objects such as fences and walls
- fixed a bug where in the tooltip for the loader on IS-7 it was displayed that the crewman can’t train radioman skills, apparently this bug caused a lot of butthurt
- fixed a bug where the average XP for crewmen was displayed as two times lower than on the tank itself. It’s a visual bug, not the crewmen getting less XP, don’t worry :)
- increased the turret rotation speed on Maus by 2 degrees/sec (eg. by almost 15 percent)
- changes for Lowe: upper side armor is 20mm thicker, -2,5 tons of weight, +40 shells in ammo rack, depression buffed by 2 degrees
The Japanese are being worked on, maps are being reworked – work is in full swing.
From the discussion:
- there is not enough data yet whether top Waffentr├Ągers are OP or not
- for now, only destructable objects will be penetrable, tests have shown that while a 120mm subcaliber shell penetrating 10 huts in a row is realistic, it changes gameplay on some places significantly
- for penetrating destructable objects there will be a loss of penetration for the shell
- the loss of penetration will not be a big one, it will be the same for all objects
- it’s not planned for shadows of objects to provide camo bonus
- the Lowe gun elevation will also be buffed despite not being listed above
- Storm states that the Maus turret rotation buff is important, as the turret rotates really slowly
- E-100/Maus “Tiger-II-like” turret with a 128mm gun is a complete fake
- in the future, shells will be flying through buildings too
- Storm states that the reason for this change is for the gameplay to be “more understandeable”
- there will be “non-linear loss of penetration with each hit of the object”
- Storm is not aware of any FPS drop issues in 8.9
- the penetrated objects won’t have see-through holes in them apparently
- rocks and stones will not be penetrable
- T-44-85 will not come in 8.10
- KV-1S will not be split in 8.10
- player statistic bug will be fixed this year (SS: not sure which one is meant)
- the destructable object penetration mechanism is already developed, the only thing to decide is in which patch will it come
- info about 8.10 and two new Soviet tanks will come soon
- Japanese tanks will come “in the next month”
- it’s too early to tell whether the T7 Combat Car is too weak
- improved graphics (partial, 9.0) will come around New Year
- in 8.10 there will (apart from the Japanese) be also the color filters
- there are no plans for changes of E-100 and other vehicles on its bases apparently
- KV-5 is doing fine statistically
- the shells penetrating destructable object will destroy it too (SS: so, like now, just that the tank behind it will get hit, the shell won’t get eaten)
- North-West map has really positive feedback, most players like it
- gold shells for credits won’t be removed
- for now the HEAT damage reduction is not planned
- there is no plan to implement XP gained by crewmembers into the post-battle statistics
- optional hulls will come in 2014
- no plans for material gun barrels (SS: as in, gun barrels that don’t clip thru objects)
- no plans for other Maus gun changes
- there will be more varied gun sounds (no more 150m and 120mm sounding the same)
- M48 gun model will be fixed
- T2 LT won’t get better MM than it has now

8.9 Sword Of Democlies Sniper & Arty Scope