Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photos From Military Archives

Not Today, Scumbag. Not Today.

Epic Win TD's

8.9 Female Tank Crew Icons

Object 430


- if you end up alone (for the purpose of getting Kolobanov’s medal) with another guy on your team who is AFK and did quit the battle (but his tank wasn’t destroyed yet), you won’t get the medal
- Fokker Dr.1 triplane is too old to appear in WoWp
- regarding the shared chat between WoT and WoWp: apparently, chat bans will be shared too
- only stuff obtainable for gold will be common to WoT and WoWp, credits won’t
- there are enough tanks left for at least 3 years more
From Storm’s post on developer blog:
- rewards for “tanking” (soaking damage) won’t come for now
- the indestructable stairs at some houses will be fixed (with the introduction of HD client)
- Object 430 will NOT be unlockable from T-54
- tier 8 MM (the amount of battles tier 8 tanks get put together with tier 10) is okay
- Storm confirms: Object 140 turret will recieve a buff
- the limits of the roaming system are not decided yet, it’s possible roaming will be paid
- Havok will come in 2014
- customizable tank appearance does depend on the HD client introduction
- there will be no free stuff during Object 430 introduction
- regarding the future implementations of shells penetrating destructable objects: when the shell hits such an object, its trajectory won’t change (that would be too complicated to implement), it was considered, but the idea was scrapped, because it’s not only difficult to implement, but also difficult to understand for players
- patch 8.10 will not bring Foch 155 nerf