Thursday, November 14, 2013

AT-2 British Tier 5 Tank Destroyer - Invincible

8.9 Vertical Tech Tree Installer By ReConnaisance

8.9 Hit Zones Red Star (Shaded and Contour)

Hangar Clock

Unzip and copy to WOT/res_mods/0.8.9/

Skin T95

Epic Win MT's




- SerB confirms that the AP and APCR (subcaliber) shells will soon penetrate destructable objects and will fly further with some loss of penetration
- multigun mechanism and multiturret mechanism both have been shelved for very far future, because there is little need for them
- apparently (SS: if I understand this correctly), making tank corpses (wrecks) penetrable (SS: as in, you hide your hull behind a corpse and a powerfull shell can – if the corpse is for example a light tank – penetrate it and hit you standing behind it) was scrapped
- tier 7 and 9 tanks in CW’s or companies are not planned for now
- no British rebalance is coming anytime soon
- you will be able to add camouflage to roadwheels too in the HD client