Friday, November 15, 2013

Remodeling Conqueror

Remodeling FV4202

8.9 Arty Scope By MeltyMap

8.9 Sniper And Arty Scope By MeltyMap, garnet_auxo

8.9 Sniper And Arty Scope By MeltyMap


- SerB will not publish how many players can RU server handle before it gets overloaded
- Hunnicutt archive digitization: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the devs haven’t found any new tech usable for WoT there for now
- price of the archive? “no comment”
- T110E1 and T110E2 are also mentioned in Hunnicutt’s “Firepower” book, but there’s not much on them there
- according to some player, the devs promised to remove the “shift” (SS: the term used is “rising”, sorry I don’t know what it could be) of the arty aim circle when the tank they are aiming at disappears. SerB states this won’t be changed and they promised no such thing
- apparently the suspension collision model will not be made more detailed in the future (SS: as in, currently the tracks are like one huge hitzone, they won’t be changed into segments), if I understand correctly
There was also (for a Japanese portal) an interview with V.Kislyi. Since I don’t speak Japanese and google translate produces… mixed results, I’ll ask a native speaker for further explanation. In the meanwhile, here’s what can be gleaned from it (via Russian source):
- WoWp will appear in Asia during next Fall. There will be a short beta.
- Japan and Korea both put main focus on cybersports in computer games
- V.Kislyi likes Girls und Panzer and there are plans for a long cooperation, there are apparently plans for several seasons
- V.Kislyi likes to watch anime, he watched many movies from Studio Ghibli production
- going to “invest” a lot in E-Sports due to the competitive nature of the Korean market
- Japanese Teams for WoT competitions are pretty strong, due to (1) competitive (2) military fans (3) G&P
- F2P is the way of the future, V.Kislyi doesn’t want pay to win
- WoT, WoT:B, WoT 360, WoTG, and WoWP will be released to the Japanese market, but not as a separate server, the Japanese will play on current ASIA (former SEA) server
Karelia – the map is more levelled and more similiar to the old version
Airfield – fixed the (winrate) imbalance between respawns (bases)
Steppes – fixed the (winrate) imbalance between respawns (bases) that was more than 10 percent
El Halluf – we attempted to reduce camping
Mines – fixed the imbalance between respawns
- the winrate disbalance between bases on the Steppes map was very unexpected, everyone considered it to be fine (they even doublechecked in case there was an error), this problem appeared after (because of apparently) arty nerf (Storm later states noone expected such an impact)
- the Steppes winrate disbalance is very strong apparently
- maps are not monitored automatically, but there is some monitoring going on in general
- IS-3 ammo rack was not changed in the past, it’s still the same
- gold ammo for credits will not be removed
- tank velocity and shell velocity vectors do not combine (SS: a shell will always fly with its nominal velocity in game, no matter how fast the tank is going)
- Storm doesn’t know whether the digitized archive will also be published, the digitization will take a long time
- in 2014 there will be major changes in vehicle balance
- apparently the El Halluf rebalance means that there will be a small hill in the middle (where the village is now)
- Sand River will also have some changes apparently
- Port will also be massively reworked along with Redshire and Highway
- in 2014 there will be only 2-3 new regular branches of tech
- Hunnicutt archives will help not to make a new branch, but with various special tank variants and to locate premium tanks
- rear turret Object 430 and 430V2 will come this year
- T95 Medium Tank will most likely appear in WoT
- Team Battles matchmaking (SS: I think, Storm used the word “balance”) works, but not well – it will be upgraded
- “kill list” (SS: like a ignore list, with players you want to kill) is not planner for now
- it looks like there will be a special voiceover for British tanks with British accent

8th November Hangar

Unzip and copy to \Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods

Skin Waffentr├Ąger auf E 100

Unzip and copy to \Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.9\vehicles\german\G98_Waffentrager_E100

Load Wheel Animation

Unzip and copy to /World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.9/

Load Screen Animation


- there are many more tier 10 candidates for various nations
- there are more paper plans for “supertanks” like Maus available
- according to SerB, trees (SS: coniferous) and bushes provide the same camo bonus
- WT E-100 has worse camo than Maus and E-100? “How terrible”
- the top of the upcoming British medium branch will be a British medium tier 10 tank (SS: while this might sound like a case for Captain Obvious, it is not, as a lot of people expected the Chieftain to appear there)
- apparently, the car models (destructable objects) in game do not necesserily correspond to real vehicles, it’s possible we will see more truck object models in the future
- Q: “I’d like the tiers of vehicles in both teams to mirror one another” A: “This thread is not called ‘my wishes’”
- it’s possible Vickers MBT (Vijayanta) will appear in the upcoming British medium branch
- optional hulls will mean also different internal layout of modules for each hull (SS: for example later Panzer IV’s had more internal fuel tanks, so the – as an example – late Panzer IV hull will have more fuel tanks inside)
- if you take a regular tank (not arty) and shoot in the sky straight up, sooner or later the shell will fall down again
- tanks with M-65 gun (such as Object 770) will likely not appear in the game
- it’s possible IT-45 and IT-76 Soviet tank destroyers will appear in the game (SS: in case you don’t know, it was Basically a Soviet attempt to build a Hetzer – a cheap low turretless tank destroyer)
- pre-production T-54 (1945-1946 pattern) doesn’t fit tier 8, it’s too strong for it
- it usually doesn’t make sense to actually report a teamkiller for teamdamage too, but in some special cases (undefined by what) additional reports are taken into account
- HEAT principle in game (mechanism) won’t be reworked
- Object 705A will not appear in the game, because if it was implemented, high tier battles would consist of 12 vs 12 these tanks (plus a few arties)
- it’s however possible that Object 705 (rear turret IS variant with 122mm BL-13) will appear
- according to SerB, WoWp start was “normal” (SS: as in “fine”), apparently, Soviet planes are not underpowered
- Redshire and Highway won’t be removed from the game before they are reworked
- anti-tank obstacles and more cover from debris will not return to Himmelsdorf
- lately, average shooting distance in the game has increased
- the Hunnicutt Archive purchase was apparently mediated by Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran