Monday, November 18, 2013



- historically, the T-54 before T-62A is correct, there will apparently be no new tier 9 tank to replace the T-54 as a T-62 predecessor (it will stay as it is now)
- the crew XP per battle value has an error (displays half of what it should be), it’s just an UI error (will be fixed)

- it’s possible (but not guaranteed) that the “armor quality” modifier will return in historical battles (SS: for those who don’t remember, in very early WoT versions, there was a modifier that multiplied the armor by certain value, based on the armor quality: for example, regular armor had the value of 1, high quality mid-war RH German armor had the modifier of 1,1, making it effectively 10 percent thicker – it was removed, because it confused the players IIRC)
- optional hulls are not guaranteed to appear as equal option to the usual hull: for example, T-54 could get two variants (first with more armor, the other lighter and faster), while second hull for T-34 will be better in all respects (more armor, better mobility)
- SerB states you turn “blue” by “systematically shooting your allies”
- RU251 is still scheduled to be tier 8 German light tank, its balancing has not yet begun
- it’s possible there will be WoWp for iOS/Android (like WoT Blitz) too
- the Soviet tier 8 light tank is not yet ready, there are candidates however (SS: possibly the T-100, posted here at the end)
- all tanks get the same team distribution (SS: as in spend the same amount of battles on the top and bottom of the team) with one exception: arties
- WoT Generals will most likely not work on e-ink readers such as the Onyx Magellan
- there are not enough data that would suggest the 75mm KwK 44 L/70 is more powerful than the 75mm KwK 42, that’s why they have idential performance in game. Its pen won’t be buffed (SS: yes, I tried to find some more data on that model, but there is very little indeed)
- there are apparently no curreng German historical candidates to replace unhistorical guns on some German tanks
- there are no data from Bovington available on TOG-2R and TOG-3 projects
- the reason the King Tiger had 120mm LFP in the first place (unhistorical) is that a part of data from Kubinka stated 100mm, another part stated 120mm, SerB states it’s completely possible different single vehicles had 120mm LFP
- Q: “Why is the commander’s copula on King Tiger 150mm thick instead of historical 120mm?” A: “Well, okay, since you ask, we will nerf it”
- currently there are no plans for crew skill rework
- two new mechanisms would have to be implemented for Strv 103 and other hydraulic suspension vehicles to appear
- currently the mechanism where selecting a different gun would rename the tank based on its configuration is not developed (SS: for example – 75mm L/24: Panzer IV Ausf.D 75mm L/48: Panzer IV Ausf.G)
- the reason the tier 5 Panzer Sfl.IVc was implemented with its superstructure up is that it couldn’t move with the armor pulled down
- Sturmtiger’s mortar shot was not modelled yet

Remodeling StuG III


flower camo is not planned
- apparently, there is a general change planned for the Sixth Sense, camouflage and spotting mechanism, everythign will come at once
- there is a horizontal limit on the distance a shell flies (700m, after which it disappears), but there is no limit apparently on the vertical scale, so a shell can fly 10km up
- HEAT shells will be further detonated by destructable objects, only AP and subcaliber shells will penetrate them
- it’s possible there will be settings presets for the future in WoT client (“for headphones”, “for making video” etc.), these presets apparently won’t be stored server-side
- WoWp release was “normal”
- there will be a big WoWp optimization patch in December
- camo crew perk (SS: or any perk) has no influence on tank MM weight
- it’s possible there will be unique camos given out for finishing “quests” (tough missions)

White Tracks Mod

When a vehicle is tracked it's tracks become white. Tracked vehicle are much easier to spot.

Remodeling М60 To Magach 6A (IDF)

Skin Covenanter

Skin T54E1

Skin Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

8.9 Height Normal Map Mod