Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Epic Win TD's

Skin Ferdinand Anime

8.9 Sniper Scope With Armour Indicator

If you have any problems with the arty scope just delete crosshair_panel_strategic.swf.

Remodeling M48A1 Patton

Remodeling JagdPanther

Remodeling Bat Chatillon 25t

Skin Dicker Max Anime

Skin VK4502(P) ausf A Anime

Remodeling WZ-120

Skin AMX 50 100 Anime


- matchmaker does not take into account whether a vehicle is stock or elite (SS: apart from the “first few battles you get better MM” rule)
- according to developers, there has been some mistake earlier in explaining the viewrange, so – this is how it is: a damaged viewport (yellow) still gives you 100 percent viewrange, red viewport gives you 50 percent viewrange
- the difference between a yellow and white (undamaged) viewport is only the number of its hitpoint remaining and – indirectly – its vulnerability, since next hit might knock it out completely

- the museums supported by Wargaming are the Stalin Line complex (WG apparently restored their StuG and T-34), Kubinka and Bovington
- press accounts don’t stay activated for long
- LL Valentine (Soviet prem tank) is fine according to SerB
- it’s possible to implement concrete-breaking shells (anti-bunker), but (apart from different penetration) there will be no mechanism difference when compared to AP shells
- SerB, regarding destructable terrain: “The problem is not the fact you change the terrain, the problem is its synchronization between client and server, plus for example changing the optimization of the elements of visibility checks accordingly” (SS: as in, you destroy ground, you hide in a crater and the enemy won’t see you)
- the Ki-33 plane in WoWp is not normally available in the game, a player saw it yesterday – SerB answers that it was either a tester, someone who got it during some event or a press account
- SerB states that WG is using outsourcing when it comes to WoT, but they outsource entire offices, not individual people, as it was proven that the individuals cannot work with required speed and quality
- it’s possible that the following feature will be implemented: when a heavy HE shell lands next to a tank, the tank is moved (swayed) or even thrown into the air by the blast wave
- client physics (Havok) will be implemented into WoWp
- while some houses in the future will be destructible, some houses (SS: for example the Himmelsdorf streets) will stay indestructible
- despite what was said in some news, World of Tanks: Blitz server part will work on a slightly re-worked Bigworld, not Unity engine (so there will be no cheaters, hackers etc.), SerB doesn’t know what exactly the client engine is, but he states there will be no cheating
Some additional answers from Storm’s developer blog:
- there will be no separate “HD client”, everything will be done within one client
- the minimal terrain settings in WoT apparently strongly add performance on really bad computers
- it’s possible minimal terrain settings will have a big red letters warning that when it is enabled, it’s possible the visual terrain won’t correspond to the real terrain model (SS: the issue is that on minimal settings, the engine doesn’t render some of the smaller hills on the ground, which improves performance, but it can cause you to shoot into small hills you don’t see)
- the Object 140 turret armor in 8.10 will be more like the one of T-62A
- there will definitely be no changes in WoT in 8.10 when it comes to Nvidia 3D (SS: no idea what the issue is)
- tank tipping over (on their roof) will come in near-to-medium future
- there will be new achievements for random battles

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Storm On 8.10 Fixes

- from 8.10, “soft” objects (fences, benches, stone walls etc.) will be penetrable by AP and APCR shells – penetrating such an object will reduce shell’s penetration capability and the object will get destroyed
- fixed statistics bug appearing on some tanks and with some players after 8.9
- fixed the armor of the “IS-3″ turret on WZ-111 1-4

- fixed the appearance of the frontal hull armor of Lorraine 40t
- fixed the bug where Waffentr├Ąger Rheinmetall-Borsig drowns too soon (SS: it starts drowning as soon as it even smells water)
- fixed the Object 140 turret armor
- fixed the FPS drop when enemy tank destruction message appears
- fixed rare bug where the shell might pass through enemy tank without dealing damage (SS: ghost shell bug)
- fixed the proper displaying of enemy silhouette, when taking cover behind a tank corpse
- fixed issues with the UI, when many objects are displayed (for example many tanks in a garage)
- in the achievement window the time since player’s last battle has returned
- fixed the bug where the average crew XP per battle is displayed incorrectly
- fixed the bug with the incorrect message displayed for IS-7 loader about being unable to train radioman skills
- fixed a bug where some players were sometimes kicked from the server with “spam_protection” listed as a reason
- fixed rare client crashes when loading maps
- fixed a rare bug causing you to lose control over your tank in battle
Storm also adds that today, the developers discussed global changes in balance/mechanisms for near/medium/far future. The developers agreed well, there were few arguments, they decided on several interesting solutions. What solutions – that will of course not be disclosed.
From the discussion:
- severside replays will not necesserily depend on their implementation in WoWp first
- full list of penetrable objects will not be released
- Lorraine 40t nose will be “sharp-edged” like on IS-3
- gold shells for credits will not be removed (SS: yes, someone is STILL asking)
- there will also be some stuff for tier 10 tank (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- Tundra map also has an Easter Egg, like on Komarin
- one tank can penetrate more “soft” objects in a row as long as it doesn’t run out of penetration
- HE and HEAT shells will not penetrate soft objects
- apparently there will be some change in how screenshots get saved
- roughly 50 percent of all WoT players play on 1024*768 resolution
- Object 140 armor was not buffed, just redistributed