Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright...

Heavy Tank - Crew Skills Guide

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*Important: this mod (very often) causes lag in the game, save your res_mods folder just in case this happens to you and you need to remove this mod.


- Havok will introduce the destructable houses option: some buildings will be made destructable. A player asked whether their debris will be material (eg. it will be possible to create your own barricade from debris) or immaterial. SerB states large debris will be material, smaller will be immaterial, as the server power is not sufficient to calculate everything
- SerB also states (to the issue above) that they will have to be very careful with selecting what to make destructable and what not, because developers don’t want such situations as blocking the entrance to the base with debris, making it unreachable
- ingame RhB WT 150mm gun does have a muzzle brake, it’s those slits at the end of the barrel
- cyclone filter does not increase engine fire chance
- there will apparently be no regular “cutter” (torpedo) boats in WoWs (devs are considering their use in “Port” battles)
- it’s possible Petlyakov Pe-2 (or some version thereof) will appear in WoWp
- there is a WG Moscow branch, but it’s not a development studio



- SerB is fine with the performance of old premium/reward tanks, such as the Ram II, Matilda LL, T14, A32 and Panzer S35
- spall liner will have no effect, if a HE shell splash (or blast itself) hits a zone, where there is no armor (like on the open-topped new German TD’s) – SerB states that it reduces damage proportionally to armor and when the armor is 0, the reduction is also 0 – spall liner doesn’t reduce the damage of complete penetrations (SS: BUT the improved saving throw for crew will still work)