Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tank Destroyers - Crew Skills Guide

Skin 112

Skin KV-3

Skin МТ-25

Skin T-127

Skin T-26

Skin T-34-3

Skin Type 64

Remodeling T110E4

Skin Pz 35(t)


- if you enter a battle with premium account activated and it expires during this battle, the income results (which are calculated when the battle is over) will be without premium account bonus
- anti-fortification (concrete-breaking) shells won’t be introduced as separate shells, that would have an increased effect on buildings
- different sigma limits (SS: accuracy spread) for different stages of aim circle movement won’t be implemented (SS: as in, shooting guns when moving your tank would be lot less accurate than it is now)
- Q: “SerB, what tanks are you itching to buff and nerf?” A: “Everything. Nerfing only, of course.”
- SerB is completely satisfied with the current amount of scouts in battles
- T71 much stronger than AMX 13-75? “How terrible…”
- according to WG data, the amount of ammorack explosion in game has not increased
- the movement of tanks in WoT works so that each map has a grid and tanks move on its coordinates, this grid is very, very thick (like, has many points), the thickness of the grid is variable, but the poits are sometimes less than 1mm (in ingame measures, where a tank is for example 3m tall) apart from each other
- SerB states the tier 10 japanese tank STB-1 will be a Leopard-Patton hybrid
- SerB states that when Havok is introduced, the stuff on your tank (boxes, tools etc.) will fall off not only when hit by AP shells, but also when hit by for example HE splash
- it’s possible the stuff falling off will not only be handled client-side, but serverside as well (SS: this also implies the fact the Havok physics will bring changeable armor models like Storm wrote earlier)