Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pz. Sfl. V - Tank Review

Skin KV-2


Skin Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil) Anime



- both the L7 gun and the engine on Type 61 tier 9 Japanese MT are historical according to SerB
- regular Type 98 Ke-Ni in game will have Hara suspension (SS: Christie suspension “Otsu” version will possibly be a premium tank)
- Japanese heavy branch is being developed
- according to developers, radio mechanism is working fine and its impact on gameplay is sufficient, especially on low and mid tiers
- too early to evaluate the new 8.9 TD statistics
“The analysis of new vehicles doesn’t begin immediately – not by a longshot. Of course, it is constantly monitored and analyzed, but when it comes to new vehicles, unlocked in the beginning by experienced or active players, of course their stats go up and down. And when finally the majority of players gets used to the vehicle, other players develop tactics against this vehicle and when it is played by all who wanted to unlock it and not only those who succeeded, it is then when we start considering the statistics valid and make decisions”
- all TD’s have an abitrary camo bonus, but WT E-100 has a really poor camo in general, because it’s too big
- the fact some maps act differently balance-wise, when you use different tech on them are a feature of the game and this is considered normal by the developers
- Object 430 will appear in 8.10
- Lowe weight (and other data) is based on this table from Panzer Tracts (model W1662)
- Storm on “Chinese leak” (SS: you know, that garbage with “IS-7 will be getting a gun swap, currently it has the S-70; in 9.0, it will have the S-70A ” and so on): “Crap to the God of Crap! You probably believe fortune tellers too…” – so, once again, it is CRAP.
- new maps based on historical locations are being developed: Kharkov, Minsk, Königsberg
- the power of the engine is always constant in WoT (revving has no effect)
- some players keep complaining about Lowe weight being too high: Storm states there are no reasons not to trust Jentz and Doyle and Panzer Tracts and there are no other data about it
- according to Evilly, STB-1 tier 10 Japanese MT will have a good depression, “almost like Patton” (SS: -6)
Storm answers on questions under the “patchnotes” post:
- the new Japanese map will not be like Sacred Valley, it’s rather flat – half of it are fields, half is the village, there will be mountains around the edges
- according to Storm, it’s pointless to save video and audio settings on server
- it’s not possible to display post-battle statistics when your client crashes before the battle is over
- Object 140 as a whole will not be rebalanced
- KV-1S will not be split in two tanks before the model rework stage is reached (SS: that means at some point next year)
- tomorrow, the supertest final stage for 8.10 starts (8.10 common test will NOT come this week)
- Storm confirms that in 8.10 the Japanese tanks will be green, not brown
- Northwest map has some imbalance between bases, but a small one (won’t be rebalanced for now)
- whether SU-76i and Ke-Ni Otsu will be premium (or gift/award) tanks was not yet decided
- apparently, SU-85i was also retested lately to make it ready for release
- the motion blur effect mentioned in patchnotes will be possible to switch off
- serverside replays will be implemented (when it’s done it’s done)
- no client optimization is planned for 8.10
- it’s possible to implement “last replay for each tank” instead of “last replay from game played” saving too, but so far there have been no requests for that
- about 30 interface issues for Team Battles were fixed in 8.10
- apparently, the developers wanted to call the “Hidden Village” map “Ninja village” at first :)
- according to Veider, there are plans to somehow limit the amount of TD’s in tier 10 battles, Storm however adds statistics for battletiers 10, 11 and 12 (in percent) and adds he doesn’t think there are too many tier 10 TD’s:
Battletier 10 (percent):
LТ = 7,11
MТ = 21,97
HТ = 40,07
АRТ = 7,99
TD = 22,87
Battletier 11 (percent):
LТ = 7,75
MТ = 24,41
HТ = 34,90
АRТ = 9,31
TD = 23,62
Battletier 12 (percent):
LТ = 5,26
MТ = 22,64
HТ = 35,17
АRТ = 12,02
TD = 24,91
- devs didn’t manage to fix the bug where WT E-100 “turret” gets damaged and is impossible to repair
- events and discounts will be implemented into the Mission window as a part of it
- Lowe increased ammo count doesn’t mean the ammo rack module got bigger
- premium Soviet MT has not been fixed yet
- full remodelling of non-combat interface will come in distant future

Give These Guy's A Medal

Now we all have those moments in the game when you want to literally kill someone be being a prick. But once in a while there is a moment when you meet a true and honest tanker. It's very rare now to have players like this in your team.

Regards to: bohi16 [HUN-C] and perico1997 [TFTP]

One more reason to have ingame option to send funds won in a random game to a player that deserved it.
Many thanks to Antibiotik from forum for this picture.