Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The RED: Arm vs P0WER

Epic Win MT's

T-150 - Bad Attitude

Remodeling Marder II

HD Camo Mod

Redone, camo's for all tanks. Better quality.  


- there are no plans for PvE gameplay in WoT for now
- there are no plans to export the game mechanism (the server part) to the client (making the game playable without internet)
- all the gun penetrations visible in game are rated at 100 meters, penetration does not increase at distances between 0 and 100 meters
- when you log on to once server (EU1 for example), then in the garage relog to (for example) EU2 and the game crashes, the relog will again be to EU1. This will not be fixed.
- developers have not yet decided whether the penetration loss for AP shells when hitting penetrable objects (walls etc.) will be different from the APCR shell penetration loss in the future
- automatic ballistics adjustment (SS: as in, you aim somewhere and the gun adjusts so that the shell reaches the point where you are aiming) is calculated server-side, not client-side
- premium vehicles are selected for implementation based on the fact they are available for such a role (SS: as in, when a vehicle is considered and found suitable for a premium tank role, it is simply implemented, that’s why some branches have multiple premium tanks (German TD’s), while other have none (US TD’s) – if I understand it correctly, it’s pretty much “what comes first”)
- also, Storm gathered feedback on unpopular tanks from this thread (Russian ofc), so we might eventually see some changes there (why would he be asking otherwise, right?)
And info from Overlord:
- official Girls und Panzer mod will definitely not come before the Japanese tanks

WW2 Photos Part 4 (tanks only)

Remodeling FV4202


An interesting thing. SerB and Storm pretty much stopped answering (busy I guess), there’s a new developer guy in the thread though (nickname Yurko2F) – his answers are less funny, but quite technical and detailed. Will try to capture it properly. Also, this guy seems to answer whining politely. He will learn…
- the “tent” in the base (the boxes and whatnot) will also be penetrable in 8.10 – it will change the base capture dynamics
- the camo-net camo bonus applies even when you shoot a gun: when shooting, you are harder to spot with camo net than without it
- T2 LT entering tier 4 battles? “It deserves it considering its complex characteristics”
- currently (although with low priority) the developers are considering making order in the armor display method in WoT (SS: in their characteristics, some tanks display the armor thickness of its thickest point, such as the KV-220 frontal turret, some tanks display the thickness of the biggest part of armor). This will not change the armor thickness, only displayed data. This has low priority, because what is written on the characteristics sheet of a tank has no influence on its performance

- when penetrable objects are introduced in 8.10, when for example the enemy tank stands behind such an object and you know it’s there, but its silhouette doesn’t light up because there is a penetrable wall between you and him, the trajectory will be calculated with the wall as its target, not the tank (SS: important to aim higher then), even though you get to penetrate the target behind the wall
- it will be possible to penetrate several penetrable objects in a row, but the penetration losses do add up: one shell penetrating 4 cars will lose 4x25mm = 100mm
- penetrating the railway wagons (SS: for example on Port map) will also be introduced, but “significantly later”, not in 8.10
Yurko2F on premium tanks (when asked, if premium tanks are inferior to regular tanks, whether it actually damages one team to have more of them than the other):
“Premium vehicles are only a little bit worse than their regular counterparts, especially since there is almost always a nice crew sitting in the premium tanks, they are stuffed with equipment, visual camo etc. Furthermore, the players spend many battles using them and they learn to master these vehicles. That’s why we can assume that the worse tank parameters are compensated by the skill and experience of the player. And the difference between premium and regular tanks is so small that it is more than enough to fit into the allowed 10 percent difference between team MM weights. The players decide, not tanks.”
- when a penetrable object is hit, visually nothing will change: it will still get destroyed like now, only the AP shell will fly further on, its damage is NOT reduced
- each buff/nerf decision is taken individually, with all the tank aspects taken into account (SS: as in, there is no “certain winrate = nerf” template for all tanks), details of this process will not be disclosed
- Russian player whining about premium tanks too weak: “Don’t whine please, that’s your personal opinion, you are certainly free to have it, but can’t you express it with less emotion in another thread?”
- Q: “Is there a plan to introduce camo-painted roadwheels and tracks?” A (SerB): “Yea, painted tracks ftw”