Friday, December 6, 2013


- the fact WT RhB 128mm now has a muzzle brake has no effect on its camo factor
- Chi-Ri can mount a rammer even when it has an autoloading gun (no other autoloader tank has that): this is not a mistake, SerB states that rammer is mounted on a tank independently, not tied to a gun
- the depression of STA-1 with gun facing back is only -2 degrees
- HD client will actually feature tracks with volume (like the KV-1 has in 8.10)
- Storm states the possibility to play WoT on weak computers will stay – more or less
- Storm doesn’t have a problem with current Chi-Ri
- the angle of frontal plate of STB-1 is 65 degrees, transferring fluently to 73 degrees
- the number of test rounds for 8.10 cannot be said in advance according to Veider

Veider and P.Bityukov answer on live stream:

- it was the French and English tank designers who influenced the Japanese tank design the most
- the Japanese doctrine was close cooperation of tank units with infantry and cavalry, but the Japanese did not intend for armored units to operate independently. After the clash with USSR it was decided to make the guns more powerful. The Japanese had few tanks, because the plants couldn’t meet the demant due to resource shortages. The sum of all Japanese tank together in the war was less than 10 thousand. There were tank clashes in Burma between the Chinese units (riding American tanks) and Japanese units (who used their own + captured tanks). Japanese tanks also took part in the civil war in China.
- there will be no more huge changes in WoT gameplay (SS: related to the fact that there will simply be no more very specific branches, like the French tanks and such)
- P.Bityukov thinks Japanese tanks will probably not be used in cybersports, as they have low alpha
(at this moment in stream, Veider gets oneshotted by an Object 261 and writes in chat that Object 261 will get nerfed)
- the new map is very controversial, WG worked on it for very long time, but there are still issues, WG is ready to change it according to player feedback
- Veider likes “blue tint” on maps รก la BF3
- Chi-Ri was influenced by the German Panther
- Japanese tanks didn’t fight any truly massive tank battles, they were used in smaller units up to batallion level
- Heavy and TD branches are not yet completed
- the Japanese constructed their own version of the Konisch gun, it will appear in the TD branch (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- developers don’t want to implement purely fictional Japanese vehicles however
- tier 8 premium Japanese tank will not come anytime soon, there are some viable prototypes, but it’s not yet decided whether they will be implemented
- T-44-85 will return, but Veider won’t say how exactly
- Panzer IV Hydro and SU-85i’s fate is secret for now
- a detailed video on how MM works will come soon
- SU-76i will probably be a reward tank either for missions of for CW
- penetrability of soft objects will have minimal impact on balancing, for now it’s just the early version: WG starts to rework rail wagons now, their collision models etc.
- developers REALLY wanted to make Object 430 with 140 as its tier 9, but Object 140 turned in fact into tier 10 and that’s why they had to find another tier 9 tank
- KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into two tanks, but this won’t happen anytime soon, maybe in like half a year, maybe even later, the reason for this delay is the fact they are reworking the textures to HD
- historical battles are being developed now: they are working on interface, server logics and improving the code
- at this moment, IS-3 is practically historical, there are only some questions about the visual look of the hull
- VK4502 (rear turret) will not be changed soon, but there are some distant plans for it
- no new premium tanks will come anytime soon
- the turrets ripped off by ammorack explosions will be implemented soon
- multiturret mechanism will not come anytime soon. The main problem is controlling it apparently, along with the question whether it is actually needed at all
- there will be no changes in USSR tree anytime soon
- the developers want to rework Severogorsk completely, these changes will not make it to the next patch after 8.10
- there are plans to fix the tier 10 British medium, but they won’t be announced for now, those are long term plans
- KV-5 will be neither buffed nor nerfed
- the map Port will be completely removed from the game, it will never return after that

Patch 8.10 Preview

Best Replays Of The Week - Episode 2

8.10 New Hangars




New Years Eve:

Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu


New 8.10 Maps


Great Wall:

8.10 3D Tank Icons By Black_Spy, fanki1911

8.9 Sniper Scope Circle Collection By MR_TEZ

8.9 Arty And Sniper Scope Collection By MR_TEZ

8.9 Arty And Sniper Scope By MR_TEZ

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Graphics In 8.10

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