Sunday, December 8, 2013

8.10 Test Server Sniper Reticle

8.10 Test Server Sniper And Arty Scope

Lowe 8.10 Changes


About the 8.10 FPS drops: if you have bad FPS issues on the test server, try disabling both track effect tickers. It worked for me, the track effects seem bugged.
- Port confirmed to be completely removed in future – Storm: “We couldn’t find an acceptable solution for balance change on this map”
- Storm confirms that it is possible for 150-152mm tier 10 TD guns to have alpha lowered to 750 (with appropriate decrease of reload time), but this decision is not confirmed yet
- there will be new sound tracks added to WoT
- in 8.10, the color of Chinese premium tanks (112, T-34-3, Type 59) will change, this change will apply only to premium tanks (SS: to distinguish them from the 100+1 Type 59 clones)
- the abovementioned solution to change color will NOT apply on all premium tanks in WoT
- the first of the new city maps will most likely come in the patch after 8.10
- according to SerB, winrate is the (best) skill indicator, average winrate is 49 percent, if you have a 55 percent winrate, you your skill is much higher than the average player skill in game. Other developer later adds: “Skill is the ability to win, not to deal damage. If you dealt a lot of damage and lost, you dealt in wrong place”
- all destructable objects will be destroyed when penetrated
- it takes only 5 minutes to add or remove maps from Team Battles
- the fact that tier 9 Soviet tank Object 430V2 has its turret rotating only 90 degres to each side is historical, it was caused by the position of the driver in the turret
- driver’s position in the abovementioned turret was not stabilized like in MBT-70 for example

WW2 Photos Part 8 (tanks only)

8.10 Test Server Sniper Scope

8.10 Test Server Sniper Scope

8.10 Test Server Sniper Scope

Skin T-54 Anime

Skin IS-4 Anime