Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FPS Monitor

8.9 SFs HitLog + Damage Panel (incl. shell type)

WW2 Photos Part 9 (tanks only)


- there will only be one map in 8.10 (the Japanese one), despite of the rumors of two maps arriving
- Storm states that when it comes to the Port map, they can’t just “add 200 meters of map length”, that would equal complete map rework
- Foch nerf will “come later”, it was postponed to “new year”
- according to Storm, it’s okay to release the test iteration with bugs, their fixing then goes much faster
- Object 140 will not be removed from the game

Minions Sound Mod

This is the funniest sound mod I had ever seen. Pure genius...

1. Copy folder "audio" from WOT/res/ to WOT/res_mods/"patch number"/.
2. Download the files, copy folders "audio", "scripts" and "gui" to WOT/res_mods/"patch number"/

*Patch Number - 0.8.9. or 0.8.10

Skin Nashorn

Pz IV AusfGH

Skin PzV Panther

8.9 Sniper Scope

Chieftain Stream

- next Chieftain’s Hatch will come on Wednesday
- Cheiftain wants to visit Munster Panzer Museum and Latrun and to return to Ottawa museum
- the AMX 13/75 might be the subject of some future Hatch issue apparently
- 17pdr Grizzly: many pictures around, it was a 17pdr in M4 turret on some standard hull, that got moved around
- cockpit view in WoWp very unlikely
- Chieftain doesn’t have a favourite museum: “They are all awesome”
- the Hatch on Renault FT – possible, as lots of museums are restoring them for 2014 WW1 100th anniversary
- FV4202 rebalance might come eventually eventually, they have to figure out the solutions first
- Chieftain prefers medium tanks, he likes flexibility
- US TD premium: one has been selected (but it will be low tier), one has been modelled already (“when it’s done it’s done”), it won’t be a hightier vehicle, unfortunately Chieftain is not allowed to say which one
- Japanese medium line: Chieftain hasn’t played them yet (he thinks they’re ugly), there were however interesting designs, internal mechanisms are pretty good, they always lagged behind the allies however,the engineering was reasonable, but the tanks were always outclassed
- Regarding scouts: more LT’s are coming, MTLS is not coming apparently, scouts should play bigger role in battle according to Chieftain


- Object 430U will not appear as the unlockable hull of Object 430 (SerB states they are quite different tanks)
- T-64 is quite a different tank from Object 430, Object 430 has -5/+16 depression
- the point of view in sniper mode is from the point where the shell trajectory path originates
- the only thing calculated during the shell flight is its “point of existence”, not physical parameters: that’s why a shell can actually pass through a hole, that is theoretically smaller than the shell in real life
- when firing arty, when you aim at a discovered enemy tank, the trajectory is automatically compensated to end in that enemy tank, but when you aim at a spot you know the enemy tank is, but the tank itself is not lit up, the trajectory will aim at that spot on the ground
- whenever an enemy tank is destroyed, all tanks in the team recieve small additional bonus XP, this however doesn’t happen when the enemy tank drowns, or is destroyed by falling
- Ke-Ho (Japanese tier 4 LT) will recieve battletier 4-6 MM
- Russian players are whining about STB-1 being OP, Veider states that Leopard in fact has better camo, better maximum speed, is more agile and more accurate, has better aim time and better accuracy bleed from turning the turret, carries more ammo and has better depression
- furthermore, Veider adds that STB-1 doesn’t have that much armor and has devices sticking out, reducing its camo factor
- Veider states that when comparing STB-1 and Patton, Patton has better engine, better terrain resistance, more viewrange, more HP, better accuracy on the move, better aimtime, better elevation and generally better armor
- Port is removed because the map is imbalanced
- it’s “too soon” for KV-1S nerfs
- FPS drops on the test is a combination of a bug (something with track effect settings) and of some unoptimized elements

- apparently there will be no arty buff in 8.10, WG “never promised it”
Wargaming reworked the personal rating formula a lot, Storm is preparing a detailed post for it, but in general:
- hitrate influence was completely removed
- the importance of the survival rate has been reduced
- average damage per battle has been enhanced by adding spotting and detracking damage to the equation
- analogically to the winrate and survival rate, there is now some penalty for VERY high average damage per battle, this will however not influence you unless you are a top 50 player
- the battlecount multiplier has been removed, instead of it there is now a “functional dependence on the amount of battles”

- Highway is scheduled for rework in next patch (after 8.10), there is some imbalance in it, but not as critical as to remove it completely
- Dragon Ridge will not return apparently
- Port will be removed without a “geographical equivalent” replacing it (for CW regions)
- gun penetration in game is not based on DeMarre formula, but on real penetration tables
- medals will be removed from companies, so cheaters don’t grind them in rigged battles
- for now, the ability to remove 2-3 maps you don’t want to play in random battles from the map pool won’t be implemented
- WT RhB has better camo factor both when standing and when moving than Object 704
- Storm admits it’s possible the TD’s (SS: unclear if only the new German ones are meant) have too good camo
- replay settings system will not change until serverside replays are introduced
- test server capacity will not be increased