Thursday, December 12, 2013

WW2 Photos Part 11 (tanks only)

Epic Win TD's

8.10 Preview - STB-1

Remodeling T-62А

Remodeling Object 140

Skin Chi-Ha Anime

Skin 110 Anime

Storm On MM

Storm is asking about MM on the developer blog:
“Hello everyone, you’ve all seen the MM video probably. What do you think – what is working well in current MM? What is not working well? How is it supposed to work according to your opinion?”
From the discussion:
- Storm states that “common opinion is that stock and elite vehicles should be considered differently”
- there will definitely not be 3-arty hardcap
- apparently there won’t be a rule that stock vehicles will overall end up more as top of the team, because that sucks for the team
- Storm states that current TD situation is 100 percent different from the previous arty (SS: as in – no hardcap is planned)
- Storm states that map-based MM (SS: MM rules different for each map) is unfortunately impossible, because it would lead to even more common map repetition for individual players
- mirror teams (SS: won’t be implemented), they’d kill battle variety
- Storm states that the idea to consider the tier of the gun during MM “is not meaningless”
- there is apparently a bug that when a Chaffee platoons with KV-1S (or other lower tier spread heavies), it will get their MM spread, Storm states he needs to check
- apparently, Storm thinks that the rule for stock vehicles having preferential MM for a while has been cancelled, but he will doublecheck

Epic Win MT's

Skin 8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Anime