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Skin IS-3 ORYOU - Girls und Panzer - Anime

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AT 2 Heartbreak

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Remodeling Maus

8.9 Sniper Scope By Andre_V

Remodeling 113

Model Changes In 0.8.10 Test 2


RMG: No Comments #15.


 during bonus XP events, the increased XP does not count towards the mastery badge requirements
- it’s possible that at some point, STB-1 will recieve its hydraulic suspension
- Q: “Did you consider making a bridge between the new medium Soviet line and the second Soviet (Obj263) TD line?” A (SerB): “No, we don’t consider all sorts of garbage, we don’t have as much time on our hands as you do”
- apparently, in 8.10 the bug where the ammo reload screen (when you reload gold ammo for credit) switches to gold ammo for gold is bag, Storm knows about it

Storm on 0.8.10 Test 2:

- 0.9.0 will bring HD graphic models, these HD models will be on standard graphic render too
- the levels of detail for HD client will be “normal” too, eg. you won’t have to buy a new computer from 0.9.0 (SS: if I understand it correctly, it will be possible to switch the HD models off by reducing your texture quality)
- 0.9.0 will come in 2014
- in next patch (0.9.0) following maps will be fixed: Malinovka, Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway, Sacred Valley, Northwest (SS: noooo don’t touch Malinovka :( )
- apparently Malinovka has imbalanced base winrate
- in next patch there will be tier 10 TD fixes (nerfs), they are already being tested, Storm states he will not tell what changes “so the New Year is peaceful :)” But it’s not a camo nerf, Storm states that camouflage changes will come later, as they require a lot of testing
- T57 Heavy will not be nerfed at all – Storm states its winrate actually dropped, he’s now 3rd worst on its tier.
- the FPS drops in test 1 were apparently fixed, Storm states that they were caused by “improperly assembled shader package during the assembly of the patch client, this was the reason for not only the FPS drops, but also the graphic artefacts and weird trees, this is why the supertesters have not caught it – the supertester version was assembled normally”
- in 0.8.10, the garage sometimes shows different crew skills than those, that are on the pop-up skill window, this is because there is a bug in the number rounding
- Storm states that to implement both colours for the Japanese tanks would be “expensive” (SS: or it could be interpreted as “requiring”), because it would increase the client size by 10-20 percent
- according to Storm, the Ferdinand size difference is insignificant