Sunday, December 15, 2013

WW2 Photos Part 13 (tanks only)

T32 - 12 Kills, Kolobanov's Medal

Skin JagdPanther II

Skin JagdPanther

Remodeling JagdPanther

Skin IS-6 Anime

Skin 121 Anime

Skin 110 Anime

Veider Answers

- while historical battles will be mostly 15vs15, it is possible that there will be some cases where it is impossible to balance it correctly historically that way, so there might for example be 15vs12 clashes as well
- currently, developers are working on historical battles balance
- the weight of ammo carried will not be taken into account in the future, as compared to the weight of the tank it makes no difference
- KV-5 is doing fine both statistically and farm-wise
- apparently the “free IS-6″ event is confirmed, there will be a video on that in a few days
- there will be changes in FV4202, but not anytime soon – the changes will be “cool” though
- T57 nerf is not planned for now
- there will be LT changes in order to make LT’s more “action-oriented”, but not very soon. Developers do have a lot of plans in mind though. Developers want to make the LT class “self-sufficient”. They identify the LT problems as low vitality (survivability) and slow moving across the map because of the physics
- T-50-2 will definitely not return

- apparently there will be no special team battles for tiers 5, 6 etc, because the player base would be spread too thin in various modes
- T-34-3 will not be buffed
- VK4502B (rear turret) will be changed, but developers won’t tell how yet
- M6A2E4 will most likely not be buffed
- first city map to come will be Kharkov – in patch 9.0
- Japanese tanks are “challenging” according to devs
- Type 62 will not return to shops, as far as Veider knows
- there is already a WG WoT client version working with Havok, there are several prototypes of Havok clients working already, all they need to do is to add HD graphics and optimize
- Object 770 is very unlikely to appear
- developers are still considering whether to implement the option to choose maps (SS: or disabling some maps) for random battles. As and argument for implementing, there is the fact it’s cool. However, the arguments against it are the facts that it will bring all sorts of server trouble and the whole idea in general is problematic
- on WT E-100 gun: “Cool gun, eh? :)”
- special medals for team battles will come soon, they are already being developed
- there are plans for team battles, such as the map selection, “peak and ban of tanks” (SS: sorry, no idea what that means), polishing the format, tournament interface
- there will be the option to disable ingame chat: it’s already being worked on
- there are plans to introduce battle descriptions, tanker quotes, historical facts etc. on the battle loading screen
- Q: “What should I do, if I already have an IS-6 and I want to get it for free?” A: “Sell it *laughing*”
- apparently no autoloading premium tank is planned
- the info on “free IS-6″ and other events will come tomorrow for all regions