Monday, December 16, 2013

WW2 Photos Part 14 (tanks only)

Skin E-100

Skin T25/2 Anime

Skin T110E4 Anime

Skin SU-100 Anime


- apparently, Object 268 is not OP, it has worse winrate than Maus
- the way of balancing tanks by winrate is correct according to Storm
- according to Chieftain, the roaming feature is not yet ready, they are still working on fixing some bugs

- according to Storm, the statement that World of Tanks (on any settings) performs (FPS) worse than any other MMO game is false
- the IS-6 event is enormously popular on Russian server, Storm states he is proud for the WG folks who invented it, because there hasn’t been such an activity for a very long time (picture by LJ member pastor_rk_):

- Storm adds that with such numbers, tier 6 vehicles will sometimes have to wait in a queue
- Storm states it’s not possiblem to fix such huge tier 6 queues by creating tier 6 only battles, because that would break the even battletier spread rules (SS: as in, tanks have to drop to lower and higher battletier battles evenly), hence some tier 6′s will occasionally have to wait
- “World of Infantry will most likely not come, but WG is working on a new, yet unannounced project…”
- the “unannounced project” will definitely be an online game, according to WG developers, singleplayer games are slowly disappearing from the scene, MMO games are apparently considered to be the future (SS: wut?)
- the main playerbase for Xbox WoT are American players, that’s why the early version has no Soviet tree

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