Thursday, December 19, 2013

WW2 Photos Part 16 (tanks only)

Epic Win MT's

E-75, 12 kills, 2750+ EXP


- there is no abnormal amount on draws in team battles, apparently the tournament rule of “whoever gets more points, wins” will not be implemented
- HE shell damage on modules suffers from the same penalties for non-penetrating hits like the regular tank damage
- the M103/T110E5 120mm gun grind is just fine

 -SerB, when he saw this War Thunder picture: “So, the stock tank is rusty and you remove the rust by levelling it up? :)”
- SerB, when seeing the IS-3 War Thunder model: “Yea we’ve seen that already of course. For even such a condition of the machinegun, the tank commander would be imprisoned for like a year”

This penetration mechanism does NOT apply to HE and HEAT shells, those work like before. Here, we can see an example of four shell trajectories. As for AP/APCR shells:
- shell 1 is aiming into the wall, it just stops there and won’t fly further like before
- shell 2 is flying through the stone fence, it will lose 25mm of penetration and will fly further
- shell 3 is flying through the very soft gate, shell flies through it without penetration loss
- shell 4 is again flying through the stone fence: if it was a HE/HEAT shell, it would simply destroy the fence without flying further (this is to simulate the fact that HE and HEAT shells have fuses, that do get triggered by such impact)
From the discussion:
- you might have noticed that there are destructable houses in the game, consisting of “segments” (for example when you run into it, only half breaks down and you have to drive further to destroy it whole. In such a case, every such segment counts as one destructable object, so when you shoot through such a house with two segments (smaller wooden houses for example), both will get destroyed, but the shell will lose 50mm of penetration (25mm for each), while before you needed two shells to destroy such a house
- at the same time Bigangrycat states that the majority of houses is not penetrable this way
- complete list of destructable objects won’t be issued, there are too many
- penetration will also cause the destruction of the object
- objects, that earlier didn’t react on shells passing thru them (for example haystacks) will stay the same
- the “silhouette” will work the way it did until now

8.10 White Dead Tanks (white, black, blue, red)

Skin Rhm.-Borsig Waffentr├Ąger Anime

Remodeling Lowe

Remodeling Type 59 Anime

Skin 110 Anime

6th Sense Icons Collection



Mortal Combat:


Ice Age Scrat: