Friday, December 20, 2013

8.10 Tank Icons By Romkyns & Black_Spy

8.10 WoT Tank Viewer 1_0_11

8.10 OMC ModPack Installer

8.10 Zoom Out, No Scroll, ZoomX

Skin WZ-111 Anime

Skin WZ-111 Anime

8.10 Zoom Out Mod

Skin ARL 44 Anime

Skin 113 Anime

8.10 2 Row Tank Carusel

8.10 Max Farplane Mod

8.10 Sword of Damocles Arty And Sniper Scope By AleksLee

8.10 Jove Mod Pack


- Wargaming has no sources, that would confirm the “information” that IS-3′s pike nose cracks in welds after being hit by 100mm shells
- apparently current IS-7 is fine, it’s being used often in clanwars according to Storm and it represents a threat to other tanks
- apparently in 8.10 the feature to gain mastery badge multiple times (SS: only the first time will count though) that was planned will not appear, it will appear in patch after that
- the rule above will apply for all the badges (all classes), mastery badges will of course not reset, there will be no “sum” of recieved mastery badges as a separate window in the Achievements tab

- Yurko2F (answering lately in SerB’s thread) works on “technical game designer” position
- KV-2 will not recieve an arty mode in WoT
- T-34/85 will not get the 100mm gun back
- Q: “There were 1100 tanks of tier 6 in the queue, I entered the queue with my tier 6 tank and instead of MM putting together a battle of tier 6 only tanks immediately, I waited for 58 seconds and then I ended up on the bottom of a battletier 7 team, what the hell?” A (SerB): “Definitely a conspiracy!” (SS: SerB is trolling here, but the answer why that happened is simple – any of you, dear readers, remembers why?)
- it’s possible that not only Soviets will have more tier 10 mediums (SS: Americans and British definitely), but SerB adds that it’s not necessery (“we are not aiming to make all trees symetrical”)
- it’s possible that WoWp will get a Chinese branch, but for now there are too many holes for it to be implemented
- SerB states that in Kubinka, the majority of Soviet tanks and about half of the foreign tanks are in complete condition (SS: as in, they are not missing engines etc.)
Apparently, the chief balancing officer (after Zlobny) is now Veider.
- Veider on WT E-100: “its statistics are going down, but I am thinking of nerfing some parameters, it simply doesn’t need them”
- later he states that the parameters to be possible nerfed is the aim spread when moving the hull and the turret
- KV-1S and KV-13 didn’t recieve new track models in 8.10 because “there was no time”
- it is not yet decided, what premium vehicles will appear in 2014, but Storm plans to decide until the New Year