Saturday, December 21, 2013

8.10 Minions Voicepack v1.12

How to install:

1. Copy the folder “audio” from “World_of_Tanks \ res \” in “World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \”
2. Folder “audio” from the archive copy to “World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \”, confirming the replacement.

8.10 Border Mod

Copy folder «maps» to «World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.10»

8.10 HARDscope By Andrey_Hard & KobkaG

1. T.Z.F.9b (German) - Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger
2. T.Z.F.12a (German) - Pz.Kpfw.V Panther
3. Sfl.Z.F.5 (German) - Jagdpanther, Ferdinand
4. ТШ-45 (USSR) - IS-4, IS-7
5. ТШ-15 (USSR) - Т-34-85, SU-85
6. СТ-10 (USSR) - SU-152, ISU-152
7. ТШ-2Б-32П (USSR) – Т-54, Т-55
8. M38 (USA) - M4 Sherman, M7


- IS-4 mantlet is 250mm thick
- WT RhB did have its 128mm gun model changed in 8.10 (it’s now longer), Storm states that they didn’t change its camo factor though
- players are reporting massive FPS drops in Japanese tier 1 battles (the tanks have machineguns), Storm advises to write a support ticket and to try to change graphic settings
- the crew of StuG III is historical (SS: apparently there is a bug that if you move a StuG group to E-25, the radioman perk gets messed up)
A Russian player proposed an interesting method of balancing tank winrate (taking into account not the vehicle winrate, but the tank/player winrate corellation), Storm commented and stated he passed it to WG statistics specialists. Could be interesting, as this method could potentially reduce the assessment time (whether the vehicle is OP or not) to 2-3 weeks.
- the reason why the destructable objects being penetrable by AP/APCR now were implemented is “to make gameplay more diverse”
- apparently, all tiers will have access to all maps in random in WoWp
- apparently the smooth zoom transition in 8.10 is working fine according to SerB
- neither water nor any type of terrain (on which the shell lands) influences the HE shell splash
- Q: “I’d like you to explain why my arty gets too little XP. Please.” A: “How terrible. You’re welcome.”
- the Object 430 turret armor has no problems according to SerB (SS: a player complains that it now has the same vulnerability issues like the Object 140 had before the patch)
- the difference between the two Japanese types of AP shells lies “in their construction”, according to SerB

8.10 Compressed Textures

Update on the old post. This version is for 8.10. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: This is not the usual AHuMex compressor. AHuMex stopped making his compressor from patch 8.8. This is from a new author, so far works absolutely the same.  

A lot of people have the same problem - old computer or fable laptop. So, can WoT work on something that is not top notch PC machine? The answer is YES. This little program will compress your game textures to 25% or to 3%. At 25% you will get at least 50% higher frame rate, at 5% at least 70%. At 25% compression the game looks the same, at 3% it looks bad but you can play WoT even on a netbook with Atom processor.

Compression on 3%:

Unzip and copy the content of folder"WoT texture 0.8.10 X%.7z" to "World_of_Tanks\res\packages\" double click on Kir_Vik_autoinstall_0.8.10_only.bat file. Command Prompt window will open and the compression will start. This will take about 5-15 minutes. After the Command Prompt window closes by itself restart the computer and play...
Since update 8.6 alot of people had problems with game crashing after compresssion. One of the most common reasons was unupdated DirectX.

8.10 WOT TWEAKER V2.5 Multilingual


8.10 Tank Icons By Galagan & Xobotyi

Skin Caernarvon Anime

Remodeling Bat Chatillon 25t

Remodeling T-62A, Object 140, T-54, Type 59 to T-72B

8.10 Fog Remover

8.10 Tank Icons By Galagan & Mnogoshishek

8.10 Height Normal Map