Monday, December 23, 2013

8.10 XVM Updater

XVM Updater — the free program is taken with EU of a forum and intended for automatic installation of favourite extended visualization mod by all. More to you won’t have suffered with though not difficult, but quite dreary installation. The application automatically installs all; you do not even need to specify the folder where to throw the configs, of course, if you do not install World of Tanks is not by default.

8.10 Tank Icons By galagan

8.10 Panel damage By Rabbit

8.10 Damage Panel 1.3.4

8.10 Enhanced HD Minimaps By Locastan

IMPORTANT: Please make absolutely sure you put the Mmap.xml into res_mods (yes outside the version number folder!) or your game won’t start.

8.10 Deegie’s Sniper Sights

8.10 40_tonn Sniper And Arty Scope

8.10 STING RETRO Arty Scope

8.10 Minimalistic Sniper And Arty Scope

8.10 Sniper Scope Turquoise By Jimbo

8.10 Vanilla Sniper Scope By STL1te

8.10 Marker (attack)

Unzip and copy to World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10

8.10 Scope Shadow Remover

8.10 Received Damage Announcer v1.7

8.10 Color Messages & Session Stats

8.10 Clock In Hangar/Battle + Angles 2.4

8.10 Enhanced Customizeable Radial Menu v.2.5.7 + UT Announcer Pack

8.10 YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + Session

8.10 Damage Panel By Andre_V

8.10 Damage Panel By PowerBait

8.10 Damage Panel By Shtys, Antoshka

8.10 Damage Panel By BioNick, Farser

8.10 Damage Panel Super Mini By Bianko

8.10 Damage Panel By Farser

8.10 Damage Panel Minimalistic