Tuesday, December 24, 2013

8.10 Vertical Tech Tree

8.10 Base Hangar To Premium

Remodeling FCM50t


- the fact tier 10 arty sometimes gets balanced against tier 10 heavies is considered normal according to Storm
- developers do like patch 8.10
- there have been no (SS: intended) changes in MM in patch 8.10

- M26E4 Super Pershing will be buffed, but not in the next patch
- Top tier TD’s will be rebalanced very soon, but how exactly is secret for now. It’s possible all top tier vehicles will be reviewed and rebalanced
- in 9.0 there will be no new tanks whatsoever, apart from possibly one premium tank (which one is secret for now)

8.10 Japan Tanks Alternative Skins

Skin IS-6 Anime

Skin E-50 Anime

8.10 6th Sense Spotted

Skin VK3002(DB) Anime

Remodeling Leopard 1 Anime


- Q: “Why is the way radio works in game unrealistic?” A: “Because burning gasoline is not gushing from your screen either”
- the way radios work won’t be changed
- RhB WT rear turret armor is zero – a player was complaining about some low damage hit, SerB: “How terrible”
- the fact Intuition perk can be triggered by switching shell types before the battle begins is fine: “It doesn’t hurt anyone”
- Q: “Why can’t I get more ignore list slots for 100 idiots?” A (SerB): “Tell me, who are those 99 idiots (apart from you of course) you are talking about?”

Tank Inspector

8.10 Berlin - Victory Day Garage

8.10 Silent Battle Match Timer By Locastan

As my older thread has been archived, I posted it again:
For all those annoyed by the ticking clock sound when the Match starts.
Get rid of it with my Mod here:
Silenced timer clock:

NOTE: Do NOT add this to res_mods but overwrite the files in res\audio\ with this mod (using mod-enabler or per hand backing up orignials ofc.). The res_mods seems buggy with audio mods as all you can hear then is the modded files while the rest is muted, if you do not include all audio files. 

8.10 J1mB0's Crosshair Mod

8.10 Jackhammer's Icon Contour Mod (XVM users only)

8.10 Riskynet's Colored Contour Icons