Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Great European Random #9

Epic Win TD's

8.10 - Object 430

Hacking Your Compressed Textures

I got a lot of comments on compressed textures not working on some systems. As I said before, after AHuMex stopped his project no one came even close of doing it that good. So we are stuck with these (not so perfect) ones.

Usual suspects for game crashing or hanging in the load screen:
1. Unupdated DirectX.
2. Graphic engine needs to be setup to STANDARD and setting to LOW (everything).
3. Unupdated drivers (yes, I know it's f**** obvious)

If all that fails there is a solution posted by player TheChase.

8.10 Hit Zones


- all the servers altogether (RU, EU, ASIA, US) should be able to handle 1.500.000 players at the same time (Russian cluster only wouldn’t be able to handle such an amount)
- KwK 44/2 for Panther (Ausf.F) will not be implemented, as there are no significant differences in performance from the KwK 42
- it’s theoretically possible Panther Ausf.F hull will be the stock hull for Panther II
- there were no “secret” changes in camo and spotting mechanism in 0.8.10
- Japanese tanks are “not more stealthy than acceptable”
- when assigning camo factor to a tank, both the approach where it is assigned manually and the method where it is assigned automatically based on the vehicle size are used
- SerB doesn’t like the fact SU-76 and T-70 can’t meet Tigers in battle (to be historically appropriate), but says he can’t do anything about that
- vehicle reliability will not be introduced into WoT. SerB: “Masochists can migrate to other games”
- planned server-side replay will be one replay for all the battle members, eg. you’ll be able to see the entire battle from anyone’s POV
- Crusader arty (5.5in) is doing fine statistically
- players not understanding the exact mechanism of how much XP you gain for what? “How terrible…”
- the fact you can rightclick-look around in sniper mode in a tank and you can’t in a TD is due to the fact players got confused when the view resetted to the TD firing arc
- dust raised by gun blast wave and other such effects are already implemented into the gun firing camo loss
- Q: “Why does IS have -6 depression and KV-1S -8 depression for 122mm gun, when both turrets are practically identical?” A: “How terrible, we should change it to -3 for both”
- Q: “Do the developers know about the disconnects from server?” A: “*surprised* What? We have servers?! Use your brain a little. If you have one.”